"I recommend 10 Steps to Publish & Succeed: How to Put Your Best Book Forward to authors and publishers who want a formula for selling more of their books, profitably."
-Brian Jud, Executive Director of APSS and the author of How to Make Real Money Selling Books and Beyond the Bookstore

"Authors­-to-­be should heed Ronsley's advice-and she shares it generously. That's another one of this book's best features-readers benefit from the author's years of experience as an editor and publishing consultant. She stresses the importance of not taking the DIY route, recommending instead that authors hire outside editors, cover designers, and interior book designers. Here's a sample of her wisdom: '. . . if you are publishing independently, you cannot afford to have mistakes or omissions that brand your book amateurish after publication.' Amen. The book is loaded with gems that will help novices avoid costly or embarrassing mistakes."
-Suzanne Beckwith, Award-winning book publicist and author of Why Can't a Man Be More Like a Woman?

"If you want to get the inside scoop on how to polish and publish your book so readers who pick up your book say 'I want to read this,' you'll want to read 10 Steps to Publish & Succeed . An enjoyable read sharing important strategies interwoven with real life tales of authors going through the process of publishing their books. From virtual book tours to the power of email signatures, from book awards to social networking for authors, Jill Ronsley also shares powerful online and offline book marketing strategies.
-D'vorah Lansky, M.Ed. Bestselling Author of Book Marketing Made Easy

"Jill Ronsley-book designer, editor and publisher-brings a wealth of experience to her readers. She covers all the essentials needed to take your book from a draft document to the final proof stage, and all the way to publishing success. 10 Steps to Publish and Succeed has it all, and the presentation is clear, straightforward and contemporary. Whether you want to take your ideas to a printed book or an ebook, all the steps are provided in this easy-to-read book, with many examples taken from the author's own career in publishing."
-Stephen Aitken, Senior Editor, Biodiversity; Membership Chair, Picture Book Artists Association


First Place! Writer's Digest 22nd Annual
Self-Published Book Awards, 2014 

Available in  Paperback and  Kindle Ebook.

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10 Steps to Publish & Succeed: How to Put Your Best Book Forward is a comprehensive guide for writers, independent publishers and small publishers. Once you have written your book, how can you navigate the paths and avoid the pitfalls of independent publishing? This book is clearly written and organized, telling you what you need to know and letting you find it at a glance. 

Produce quality books that will be recognized, win awards and succeed in the marketplace. Whether you are a first-time self-publisher or you are brushing up for your next release, you will find new ideas, proven advice and cutting-edge dos and don'ts to realize your publishing dreams.

Table of Contents
How This Book Can Help You with Your Book

Part 1: Perfect Your Content

  1. Publishing Basics: First Things First
  2. Editing: An Investment that Pays Back Abundantly
  3. Proofreading: Catch the Typos before They Catch You
  4. Interior Design and Typesetting: For Your Readers' Ease and Pleasure
  5. Cover Design: Yes, They Do Judge a Book by Its Cover
  6. Photographs and Illustrations: Speak to Your Readers Visually
  7. Proofreading-Again ! Be Proud of Your Book

Part 2: Publishing and Marketing Your Book

  1. Printing Books and Fulfilling Orders: Prepare Your Book for Your Customers
  2. E-books and Audio Books: Extend Your Reach
  3. Marketing and Promotion: Communicate! A Cornucopia of Possibilities
    Publish and Succeed! Where Preparation Meets Opportunity

Part 3: The Author

The Inside Scoop on Editing
About the Author
Work with the Author End Notes


"If you want to know EVERYTHING about what's required for your work to go from a manuscript to a finished, saleable, successful book, 10 Steps To Publish & Succeed is a must read! Jill Ronsley has not only included all the pertinent information one would need, but she presents it in a way that's a pleasure to read and easy to understand. I love the "tips" that are found throughout the book and also that it provides so much information about the importance of marketing. Again, a must read whether you're a newbie or an established writer! Love this book!
-J. M. Cochran, author of When a Monkey Jumps Onto Your Schoolbus and other books

"With one book traditionally published, I'm no stranger to the world of book publishing. But the thought of independently publishing my second book had me shaking in my boots. Thank goodness for Jill Ronsley's 10 Steps to Publish and Succeed ! With an easy-going, you-can-do-this style, Jill outlines the general and specific steps of independent publishing. My notes have become a to-do list that is simple and easy-to-follow. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is new to independent publishing, book publishing in general, or coming back to independent publishing. It's a must read!"
-Laura E. Laing, author of Math for Writers

"Ronsley's book is a great read. The book is concise with no fluff. Each page is packed with useful information on how to publish your book. Not only does it cover the basics, but attention is given to design, marketing. and promotions, I appreciate the chapter on photos and illustrations. Having published three books I learned several things that I never thought of prior to reading the book."
-David Morris, author

"This cogent and comprehensive guide is a must for anyone taking on today's daunting publishing industry. Jill Ronsley shares her expertise clearly, elucidates options and how to avoid pitfalls, and concisely offers suggestions for each step of the publishing process."
-Lisa L. Lindsay, PhD and author

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