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Great Female Artists of Detroit
by Suzanne Bilek
ISBN: 978-1609496715
published by The History Press

With a fresh perspective and rare images from twelve of Detroit's finest artists, gain a new appreciation for the city s art legacy. See the romantic flourish of Patricia Hill Burnett's mayoral portraits, Niagara's biting pen-and-ink social commentary and the monumental works of Gilda Snowden that are on permanent display at the Detroit Institute of Arts. Pause before the paintings of Frida Kahlo, a giant in the art world, whose painful depictions of life in Detroit are the basis for her most moving paintings. Discover the historically significant landscapes, portraits and still lifes of Detroit's earliest professional artists who reached the pinnacle of the art world. Get privileged access to the artists and the methods that made them great through in-depth interviews and new research.

Suzanne Bilek is an author, lecturer and art historian. Her lectures on local culture and aesthetics cover a wide range of topics, from Detroit's first art collectors, to the impact of public art on civic pride in the twenty-first century. Bilek is also an art collector and a curatorial assistant at the Detroit Historical Museum.

"Jill is a skilled editor who is knowledgeable about the writing marketplace and sensitive to an author's style and mindset. She helped me to fully express my intent with insights and observations that can only come from a seasoned professional. I had complete confidence that my work of nonfiction would be an absolute gem after Jill's thorough review-which has proven to be true through strong book sales." —Suzanne Bilek

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From the Heart: Keeping It Real
Art and Poetry by Tracey Speares
ISBN: 978-0-9813394-0-5

Life is a journey. From the Heart is a collection of poetry and art “from one heart that experiences emotional ups and downs, loves to make memories, makes mistakes, treasures the gift of time and learns and grows through every moment of the journey.” The author writes, “As you read through this book, my wish is that it will inspire you to never give up hope, continue to dream, take a risk, love and have faith so you can continue on your journey.”

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“It was such a pleasure to work with a professional like Jill. As a first time author and self-publisher, I didn't have a great deal of knowledge, and Jill was amazing. She took the time to answer my questions and was very patient as I worked through the process. She captured every aspect of my vision in designing the interior and dust jacket. I recommend Jill to anyone and look forward to working with her again in the future!”
Tracey Speares


Cat-House Sonnets
by Margy Ohring

“Margy Ohring … deftly weaves her words and allows [the reader] to enter the marvelous minds of felines, as well as the hearts of those of us fortunate enough to share our lives with them.” —Betsy Stowe, author of the award winning "Calico Tales and Others"

Muse Medallion, 2006
from the CatWriters Association

Margy Ohring, Best Poet 2005
Editors and Preditors Readers Poll for Cat-House Sonnets

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"I heartily recommend my cover designer, Jill Ronsley. She designed my book of poetry, Cat-House Sonnets, my postcards and my bookmarks, and I have been enormously pleased with the results of her work. Working with Jill has been a very enjoyable experience. Jill knows what she's doing. She is professional, meticulous and dedicated. She respects the author and the author's ideas and is capable of incorporating the good ones and gently discarding the bad ones. Best of all, she has a sense of humor, an unbelievably important asset. The entire experience of getting a manuscript into a publishable form has been fun and productive. I have learned a lot from Jill and recommend her and her work to any serious author."
Margy Ohring, poet

Cover Design, Interior Design & Typesetting


Presenting 101: For Television, Radio & Events
by Rebecca Rifai
ISBN: 978-0-9878311-0-1: (soft cover)
ISBN: 978-0-9878311-1-8: (eBook)
published by Bubble Media

Would you like to know how to speak to an audience more effectively? Unlock the powerful secrets to presenting on television and radio and at events. People from different professions have found success through mastering the techniques offered in Presenting 101. Now it’s YOUR turn to learn the art of presenting for television, radio and events.

In friendly coaching sessions, successful media presenter Rebecca Rifai guides you through fun and invigorating exercises, helping you to present with confidence and charisma while gaining a good grasp of presenting in the entertainment industry. She gives you the right tools and techniques so YOU can stand out as an accomplished presenter.

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“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Jill Ronsley on Presenting 101. She collaborated in an intuitive and open-minded manner. I really appreciate the time that she spent on perfecting the design. It’s creative and fun. I love it!”
Rebecca Rifai

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