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Bowkerlink provides the data for your book’s listing in the Books in Print database, the key source for information on books in the USA.

To enter your title into the Bowkerlink database, you must fill out an online form that asks for specific information about your book. It is helpful to have the information prepared before you start. Below is a list of fields; the ones in bold are required. It’s best to provide as much information as possible by filling out as many of these fields as you can. The more information you provide about your book, the easier you make it for potential readers and buyers to find it.

    1. ISBN
    2. Title
    3. Subtitle
    4. Translated title
    5. Number of pages
    6. Number of illustrations
    7. Binding type
    8. Language
    9. Subject
    10. Contributors: names and functions
    11. Length, width and height
    12. Weight
    13. Year of copyright
    14. Year of original publication
    15. Library of Congress Control Number
    16. Annotation (description of your title)
    17. Country of sale
    18. Imprint
    19. Title status
    20. Publication date
    21. Price
    22. Price type
    23. Currency
    24. Target market
    25. Age range

You can write up to 250 words about your book and its benefits. This is invaluable for increasing sales. Be sure to use all the keywords you can associate with your book.

Books in Print: Bowker uses the information you provide on Bowkerlink to create the record for your book in Books in Print. You can provide the same information at Bowker Identifier Services.

The Bowkerlink Registration Page is here.
The Bowkerlink FAQ are found here.

Bowker Identifier Services can help you purchase an ISBN, for both print books and e-books, and help you manage your account. Once you submit your title information, it becomes part of the bibliographic databases at Bowker and appears in Books In Print, allowing for discoverability by bookstores and libraries who look for publications to purchase.

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