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Need an idea? Begin by asking yourself some questions:

Who was my favorite relative when I was a child? Why? What is my first cooking memory? Where did I keep my secret treasures? What did I collect?

Think about the things that haunt you. For me it is the ocean, snow, the moon, dancing. Pay attention to images from your daily life—a bowl of soup, my grandmother's cut-glass cake stand, the hummingbird in our garden.

When an idea “makes a sound in your heart,” explore it. Fish around. Take risks. Play. Write from your own soul. Your own heart. Learn to trust your own deep self.

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Eileen Spinelli is a prolific, award-winning picture book author and poet whose work includes the 1991 Christopher Award winner Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch. Eileen has published more than thirty books for children. Some of her recent titles include Bathtime, Rise the Moon, Moe McTooth, Three Pebbles and a Song, The Perfect Thanksgiving, and City Angel.

Posted with permission from Jo Lloyd, the Highlights Foundation.

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