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The Two Tuba Switch
by Sarah Itzhaki
illustrated by Dave Hill

Mitch, our hero, is shy. He switches into a tuba to hide, and then he embarks on a journey to befriend his shyness. This adventurous story, spectacularly illustrated, lets children know the abilities they have within. The book may be purchased with a set of 4 toys. A 32-page picture book.

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"Children's challenges in interaction with others are in abundance. For many, they ... can seem unbearable, but Toys 'N Tayls has taken on this challenge with The Two Tuba Switch. This is a delightful combination of book and 4 toys which when used together help a child to learn to overcome being shy. Best of all, parents and children can create their own new stories to use with the 4 toys that come in the package."
The Toy Man Online (Read a full product review.)

AblePlay™ Seal of Approval for Children with Special Needs

"Jill Ronsley is much more than an editor. Words connected us, and she became my confidant and writing pal. I do not live and the USA and English is not my mother tongue. On top of everything, I wrote my book in verse. Can it get any harder? But Jill was answered every query, fixed every glitch and scrutinised the book over and over again. She did all this with a big soul, caring and a smile, which is so rare. It’s good to know I have a writer’s home with her for future projects. She’s the only address for me." —Sarah Itzhaki

Solomon Sire and the Fabulous Fib
(The Solomon Sire Series, Book 1)
by Diane E. Root
illustrated by Priscilla Alpaugh
ISBN: 978-0985928605

Solomon Sire and the Fantastic Fib is an engaging, humorous story about a young mouse named Solomon who experiences the allure and perils of exaggeration. After discovering the magic of his family's Great Box, filled with gems of wisdom, he inadvertently creates his first challenge-to stop his ever-growing Fantastic Fib! As Solomon's lie grows, so does the Fib, and the young mouse must figure out how to stop both before they spiral out of control. Solomon Sire and the Fantastic Fib is a fun, light-hearted tale that will appeal to young children and parents alike. An optional parent guide at the end can be used to continue your family's conversation on telling the truth.

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"Jill was great in helping me to understand the ins and outs of book design and printing. Her calm, positive demeanor made her great to work with when dealing with repeated iterations, pulling together all the pieces, and handling the last minute changes that are inevitable in this type of project. I found Jill's ideas, suggestions, and insights to be very helpful, and that made the whole process easier. She obviously knows her stuff!"
Diane E. Root


The Kerala Collection: Tales from the Banks of the Periyar
by Mary Joseph, M.D.
illustrated by Stephen Aitken
ISBN: 978-0-615-28065-3

“This charming illustrated book brings these stories alive again, stories about simple village folk, and about the familiar animals and birds of the Kerala countryside … with the sun setting slowly behind the rubber trees, pigeons finding their way home and fluttering into the dovecote above the gate post, cows being led back to their stalls from the pasture and hens being shooed into the henhouse. The children, too, straggled reluctantly back from the courtyard and, washed and fed, sat contentedly around their grandmother to listen to her well loved, oft-repeated stories.”
Teresa Bhattacharya, Chief Secretary of Karnataka, India, 2001-2002

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“The Kerala Collection: Tales from the Banks of the Periyar is dedicated to my two children. So I made sure I had the best illustrator in Steve Aitken and the best editor in Jill Ronsley. Not only does it bring back nostalgic memories for the folks in Kerala but also for the Malayalee diaspora, who will pass them on to the next generation. It makes an excellent multicultural storybook for all children of the world.

“Jill Ronsley, my editor and book designer, was recommended by Steve Aitken. I am so glad that I immediately contacted her. Since that time, Jill has taken immense interest in my book. She edited the text so the stories were more cohesive. She presented several fonts in different colors and sizes so I could choose that which would be suitable and to my liking. She arranged the illustrations and designed the book cover, and the result was a magnificent, elegant book that I am so proud of. She also arranged the printing and transportation of the book at a reasonable rate. I found in Jill Ronsley a gem of a person and an editor who worked with me with great diligence and patience and who gave me excellent advice.” —Mary Joseph, M.D.


My Friends at the Zoo
by Richard Paniello
illustrated by Vicky Knoll
ISBN: 978-0981794402

Discover the fun and whimsical play dates in our little girl's imagination as she skips her way through the zoo making friends with all the animals she meets. This rhyming book is great fun to read and is beautifully illustrated with vibrant colors and imaginative text. A book your child will want to hear again and again! Avaliable at and other booksellers.

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“Working with you and your company, Sun Editing & Book Design, has made the publishing of my first picture book an easy and rewarding experience. I can't say enough about the patience, understanding and care that you exhibited during the entire process, and even afterward.… Your suggestions and input were invaluable to the polishing of my manuscript. Your design work brought the illustrations to life as well as your layout of the text and choices of fonts and color.”
Richard Paniello, publisher


Wallie Exercises
by Steve Ettinger
illustrated by Pete Proctor
ISBN: 978-0-9845388-0-5
published by Active Spud Press
edited & designed by Jill Ronsley

Readers Favorite Gold Award Winner 2011


Wallie is mostly a wonderful dog, but his super-laziness has become a problem. So his boy convinces him to go on an adventure to get fit. With a little help from a big friend, Wallie learns how to exercise. Will he enjoy the change from pudgy pup to healthy hound or will he return to his lazy ways?

Learn important fitness concepts while following Wallie on his hilarious journey to get in shape. A special section with more information and original exercises (performed by Wallie) will get every kid (and pup) excited about exercise.

Wallie was a magnificent mutt
Calm and cool not crazy
Loving and faithful
from head to tail – but
Also quite a bit lazy.

For more information and to purchase, visit or your favorite bookstore.

“Jill was very professional and prompt in every step of the editing and book design process. For the year that she worked on my project, she was always flexible and returned great results. For future projects I will definitely use Jill again.” —Steve Ettinger


Greenie the Grasshopper
by Andrew C. Firnrohr
illustrated by Lee Gullens
ISBN: 9780982877005
published by Green Fern Publishing, November, 2010

Follow the tale of Greenie the Grasshopper and his new friends as they join him on his journey to find the beautiful meadow he calls his home. Beautiful, brightly colored pictures help tell the story of a lost little grasshopper who learns that, with the help of friends, one always find the path home.

“I had an excellent experience working with Jill. She edited and designed a children's book I wrote and she did a fantastic job. She was prompt with her work and patient with the fact that I was new to the process. In dealing with my printer it was obvious that they were very impressed with Jill as well. She provided all the files in the proper format and the printer was able to seamlessly use her work. I recommend Jill Ronsley to anyone who needs an editor or book designer.”
Andrew C. Firnrohr

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Randy Kazandy, Where Are Your Glasses?
by Rhonda Fischer
illustrated by Kim Sponaugle
ISBN: 978-0-9820163-0-5
published by Whim Publishing
edited and designed by Jill Ronsley

“For many children, getting the news, ‘you need glasses,’ can be traumatizing. But adorable Randy Kazandy reminds kids (and parents) that putting on your first pair of specs is not only an adventure, it opens up a whole new world. Beautifully illustrated and wonderfully told, this book is a must-read for any child, bespectacled or not.”
—Jennifer Cho Salaff, Editor, Parenting Magazine

Best Children's Book, Fall 2009 by magazine!

For more information and to buy the book, visit Whim Publishing or To read a few pages of this book, click here.

“Jill Ronsley has been a rewarding and wonderful editor and book designer. I was referred to her by another satisfied SCBWI member. She is a hard-working and dedicated editor, designer and coach who I trust and admire. Her love for her work shone to bring Randy Kazandy to life. Whim Publishing looks forward to future endeavors with Jill. One word stands out in my mind about Jill: Fabulous!”
Rhonda Fischer, author and publisher, Whim Publishing

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