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Princess Emily and the Secret Library
by Mary Balfanz
illustrated by Stan Gorman
ISBN: 978-0981763606

Enter a world of magical fantasy as you meet Princess Emily on what will be one of the most extraordinary days of her life. Having spent much of her time exploring her home Castle Clarion, Emily has yet to uncover even half the secrets the castle has to hold. The princess adores embarking on new adventures and seeking out hidden treasures. Today as Emily sets out on a new quest she has no idea what lies ahead—a magic hidden in the castle for hundreds of years. A magic soon to be destroyed unless Emily can find a way to save it. And so the adventure begins.

“Jill Ronsley has been an invaluable asset from the very beginning of book production. Her knowledge and expertise in the areas of editing and book design are boundless. Jill also made herself available (many times) to help in other areas where I needed advice. I would love to have Jill work on the next book in the Princess Emily series.” —Mary Balfanz

Published by Willow Brook Publishing
Available at (with Search Inside enabled)


Abraham Lincoln and the Forest of Little Pigeon Creek
by T. D. Carter
illustrated by Randy Jennings

Mom’s Choice Award Winner 2008
Children’s Picture Books Category

“This fictional action-adventure tale centers around Abraham Lincoln as a boy and his adventures overcoming fear in the forest. AmeriTales artfully combines fiction and fact to create a fun, interesting tale that will have your child giggling at Jack's commentary and enjoying every page of young Abe's exploits.”
Kidsville News

“Brightly colored illustrations enhance this charming adventure story about the early life of one of our greatest presidents. A must-read where fact and a bit of fiction combine to teach children valuable lessons about respect for animals and facing one's fears.”
—About Families Magazine

AmeriTales Where Dreams Begin! — publishes action-adventure books targeted to children 4-9 years old. The books are historical fiction, designed to make history fun and entertaining for children. For more information and to purchase, click here.


Amelia Earhart and the Haunted Winds of Kansas
by T. D. Carter
illustrated by Randy Jennings

It's 1904 and seven-year-old Amelia Earhart is a little girl on a mission. Unlike the other little girls of her day who played with dolls and had tea parties, Amelia had unladylike amusements. The adventurous journey she takes to build the roller coaster of her dreams in the haunted Kansas prairie, provides endless fun for kids and learning moments as well. It's an adventure in self-discovery that children can take with young Amelia Earhart.

For more information and to purchase, click here.


Champion Sleeper: Keeping His Family Safe One Snooze at a Time
by Tim Young
illustrated by Tom Price

The everyday tales of a narcoleptic Basset Hound named “Champ” and the family that he watches over. Champ can't help falling asleep wherever he is and whenever the mood strikes him. And his loving family would not have it any other way. An entertaining book for children, family and dog-lovers!

“I have enjoyed working together, and I would like to do so in the future, as well. I learned many things—always good—but more than that, I appreciate working with a true professional.”
Tim Young, author, Murphys Bone

To visit the publisher’s Web site, click here. For more information and to purchase the book, visit


Sad Sam and the Magic Cookies
by Stacy Quest
illustrated by Michael Morris

New York Book Festival Award 2007
First Runner Up, Children's Category

Have you ever had one of those days when nothing was going right? Sam has! Fortunately, his mom found the magic ingredients that changed his sad days into happy days. A 32-page picture book.

" I want to share my enthusiasm about Jill Ronsley and her work. She is simply the BEST editor that I have ever used and I can't recommend her enough." 
Charysse Levine, author and Director, Bookbound Publishing

For information about books by Granny Bee and Stacy Quest, click here.

Laffy the Lamb and Sad Sam and the Magic Cookies:
Edited by Jill Ronsley.


My Little Book of Zoroastrian Prayers: With Some Fun Activities
by Rebecca Cann
ISBN: 978-0615374598

This colorful Zoroastrian prayer book for children ages 9 to 12 will appeal to parents and teachers interested in Zoroastrianism. A collection of more than 40 simple prayers from the Avesta, it also has fun activities, though-provoking questions and simple answers about various Zoroastrian concepts.

For more information visit

“Jill Ronsley is a wonderful designer. I am very satisfied with her beautiful work on my book. It was a pleasure to work with her, and I recommend her highly.”
Rebecca Cann


Robin Cheeky and the Magical Smileys
by Tammi Titus
illustrated by Ross Chirico
ISBN: 978-965-7435-01-4

Robin Cheeky and the Magical Smileys is the first adventure of Robin Cheeky and his friend, Pluxie, the two-tailed cat. The two friends work together as a team, with compassion for each other, to overcome adversity and life’s challenges. The lively illustrations capture the child’s imagination and sense of wonder. The simplicity of the Robin Cheeky stories encourages young children to read.

For more information and to purchase, visit

“Having Jill Ronsley edit and design my book Robin Cheeky and the Magical Smileys has been a rewarding experience for me. Her creative and inspiring expertise in editing, book cover design and interior design brought my book to life! I am so grateful to have found such a wonderful gem of an editor, and I can’t wait to have her edit my next book.” —Tammi Titus


Robin Cheeky Travels to the Land of Candy
by Tammi Titus
illustrated by Ross Chirico
ISBN: 978-0-9826743-1-4

This second adventure takes Robin and Pluxie (the colorful two-tailed cat) into the Magical Dream World, through a sparkly tunnel. They unravel a mystery so Pluxie can get her colors back, learning about friendship and never giving up. A cheekyliscious surprise awaits Pluxie—and a promise is fulfilled. Come! Discover the Land of Candy, with its cotton candy clouds, lollipop trees, cupcake hills and other sweet delights!


Leni the Pug: The Christmas Comet Caper
by Keith Fiore
illustrated by Alexandru Sacui
published by Brownstone Monkey Productions

A creative and humorous book that the whole family will enjoy! Leni, a girl-pug, and her canine friends find themselves with a very important job to do on Christmas Eve. In the heart of New York City, they have to save Christmas for Santa Claus and for children everywhere. "Wonderfully written in a poetic style that reminds me of another great Christmas tale, Twas the Night Before Christmas, Keith Fiore, a writer and entrepreneur living in New York City, has the ability to charm children and adults alike with his irresistible words that lend themselves to a beat … not unlike that of reindeer hooves on the roofs above sleeping children waiting for Christmas Day!"
Beth Gossett, Rapid River Magazine Book of the Month, December 2006

This 96-page book, written in 11 mini-chapters of entertaining rhyme, is brilliantly illustrated in glorious color. Everyone who loves Christmas, loves pooches or loves New York City will find this book a sheer delight.

Click here for more information.

"Sometimes in life, it’s good to be lucky. When it came time for me to find an editor, I found Jill Ronsley. I got lucky. Jill is an utmost professional. On the surface, she’s a fantastic editor, handling every inquiry and request in a timely, thorough and insightful manner. But on a deeper level, a level that I’m extremely grateful for, she supported and encouraged me to improve my manuscript. Jill made my story better. Jill knows her stuff cold; She was both a guide and a resource to me; She communicated with me wonderfully; And she was cool! From making me laugh to sharing advice, she was an asset to my project from the first day. Going forward, I won't need luck to find an amazing editor, because I'll have Jill." —Keith Fiore

Left Shoe Right Shoe
by Yolanda Lopez-Rettew
illustrated by Bonnie Lemaire
ISBN: 978-0-9821160-0-5

One morning a young boy named Lorenzo meets two sweet creatures in his garden – a yellow ladybug and a red rabbit. When they settle near his shoes, Lorenzo quickly realizes that they are no ordinary ladybug or rabbit. This lighthearted concept book cleverly introduces the idea of “left” and “right” while delighting young children with a magical story of friendship and wonder. For children age 2-6.

For more information and to purchase, visit, where you can also Search Inside.

“Jill Ronsley is a talented, skilled editor and book designer. She helped me from the early manuscript stage, through the design process, and finally to publication. I'm so thankful to have had access to her editing and design skills, as well as her sound advice. She was always there for me—a great partner every step of the way.” —Yolanda Lopez-Rettew


Witty Bit World Series
by Jennifer Hudson, MD and Deborah Morefield

The Witty Bit World stories form an educational collection of 26 books targeted to children age 1-6. Each small book, written in lyrical rhymes, helps children learn to recognize the capital and lower-case letters of the alphabet while teaching valuable lessons. Children love the vibrant illustrated characters called “Witty Bits” because of their easily recognizable forms in these entertaining stories.

Click here for more information about this series.

"We made the right decision hiring you! After pouring our heart and soul into our work, it was difficult to trust it in someone else's hands, but it turned out to be the best thing we ever did. With your outstanding talent and skill, you brilliantly shaped our stories into works of art … guiding us through the entire process of editing our 26 books… You were a delight to work with and we look forward to working with you again and again on all of our future work. Thanks again for your professionalism and everything you've done to transform our stories into something we can be proud of."
Deborah Morefield and Jennifer Hudson, MD

To read the complete letter, click here.

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