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A Culinary Journey: Recipes and Reminiscences of an American Diplomat's Wife
by Nancy Keeney Forster
ISBN: 978-0615739076
published by Wind Shadow Press

In her engaging new book, the author of the award-winning memoir Encounters: A Lifetime Spent Crossing Cultural Frontiers illuminates the culinary dimensions of that story. As the diplomat's wife's confidence, recipe collection and family grew, she learned to provide stylish refreshment to a steady stream of guests, as well as delicious meals at home. Featured here are recipes collected across the globe-in the Philippines, Japan, Burma, Israel, Washington D.C., Hawaii, and California-along with vignettes about the author's dining companions and their cultures. From intimate dinners for six to official receptions for two hundred, readers will take pleasure in traveling along on this sixty-year adventure.

Eric Hoffer Honorable Mention Award 2013

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"Jill Ronsley did the interior design process for A Culinary Journey.  Her work was not easy - mixing recipes with narrative and formatting and finding proper placement for illustrations - but she did this with patience and elegance."
Nancy Keeney Forster


Edible Fruit Arrangements You Can Make at Home for Every Occasion
by Jennifer d'Elysees

A concise book that enables you to prepare beautiful edible fruit arrangements at home. Keep your family healthy and impress your friends with a beautiful fruit bouquet. This book shows you how to make them for casual snacks or fancy meals. Beautiful color photos give you ideas for different kinds of arrangements. Using the tips and suggestions provided, including garnishes and dips, you can create a new arrangement every time. Best of all, while making your own, you avoid the expense of an ordered arrangement and have fun preparing it-by yourself, with a friend or even with your kids! Healthy, beautiful, fun, economical and delicious! Edible fruit arrangements that you can prepare at home for every occasion!

#3 of 691 in "Fruit Arrangements" and #9 of 1102 in "Fruit" on (April 2013) 

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Kristin Jarden’s Vegetarian Cookbook
(second edition)
by Kristin Jarden
ISBN: 978-0-473-07564-4

With over 300 traditional, modern and original recipes, as well as invaluable cooking tips, this inspiring, practical cookbook will enable you to master the art of Indian vegetarian cuisine and spicing in your own home. Enlivened by vivid descriptions of Indian life, mythical stories and gems of ancient wisdom, it also provides insight into this fascinating land and its culture.

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Kristin Jarden’s Vegetarian Cookbook is a double joy to use. The recipes are precise and easy to follow, and they result in a delicious dish every time. The colorful anecdotes and descriptions scattered throughout the book give the reader a real taste of India. Highly recommended!”
Arlene Kezwer, caterer

“Jill’s work editing my cookbook was exemplary. Her refined sense of language made the instructions in my recipes concise and clear—which is imperative for a cookbook! She helped me weave my writing into an editorial tapestry that captures the attention and whets the palate. Her unparalleled ability to bring out the best in my writing not only maintained but also enhanced my style. She was always professional, friendly and a pleasure to work with.” —Kristin Jarden, chef and author

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