We will convert and format your book or booklet for the iPad, Kindle, Kobo, Nexus, Nook, Asus and other tablets and devices.

Whether you have a finished book design or an unpublished manuscript, contact us to make your book into an eBook.


Most devices, such as the Apple products, Google Nexus, Kobo, Nook and so on, display EPUB files. Amazon Kindles display MOBI files. You can also read your EBook on a computer.* We will prepare both EPUB and MOBI files for you, which you can make available on your own website, send people by email or sell on a host of online venues.

  • Send us your manuscript as a PDF, RTF, Word or InDesign file.
  • Your book may have graphics (illustrations or photos), charts, complex typography
    and words in other scripts.
  • Your table of contents will have each chapter title linked to the start of that chapter.
  • Drop caps, section headings, bulleted lists, italic and bold text and other elements will be maintained.
  • The front cover and back cover will give your eBook an attractive, finished look.
  • Cross references (such as “see page 63”) will link to the corresponding locations in your eBook.
  • All website addresses in your eBook will link to the corresponding URL on the Internet.
  • Graphics-heavy publications, such as children’s picture books, art books and magazines, may be prepared as FIXED LAYOUT EPUB files for the iPad and Kindle Fire. A fixed layout eBook preserves the layout of an original complex design.

* To read an EPUB eBook on your computer, download Adobe Digital Editions. To read a Kindle eBook on your computer, download Kindle for PC. Both applications are free!

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For more information, contact us.

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