“I first learned of Jill Ronsley’s editing service through the recommendation of another author. Her editing services have proven invaluable, not just for the specific books she worked on, but also because of how much I learned from her editing, her remarks and her words of encouragement. The education I have gained has made me a better writer going forward.”
Darren Simon, author, The Last Guardian and the Reject Bike and The Last Guardian and the Hero’s Way


Whether you are writing a book, a story, an article, a presentation, a brochure or website content, the copy editor will help you express your ideas clearly so you impress your reader, client or potential publisher. We have the skills to make your writing outstanding.

The editor refines your writing so that errors of grammar, punctuation and syntax are corrected, which might otherwise attract the reader's attention more than your message does. The copy editor eliminates wordiness and redundancy and verifies that the writing style is consistent. When the editing is done, your manuscript will shine.

The Work of the Editor
Sun Editing & Book Design offers professional editing services for manuscripts written in different styles and genres and aimed at various audiences. Services are provided for writers, publishers and organizations. We are prepared to work closely with our clients to enhance their work.

Publishers and agents have commended Jill Ronsley's editing services. She has edited a variety of published books, articles, short stories, stories for children, cookbooks and other material. Sun Editing & Book Design ensures superior results for all clients. Whether your text is commercial, fictional, non-fictional or instructional, and whether you have written a long book or a short letter or brochure, you will be satisfied with our work.

Standard, substantive and developmental editing services are available. Contact us for our rates.

American, British and Canadian Style
We use   The Chicago Manual of Style   as a foundation for American editing. For British manuscripts we use New Hart's Rules and The Oxford Style Manual. For the fine points of Canadian English we refer to The Canadian Style . We readily adapt to the in-house style of an organization or publishing house or to the author's style. For more information, contact us.

Read an interview with Jill Ronsley on copyediting.

“What you have done for me is provide a master's class in one fell swoop. Editors have critiqued bits and pieces of the manuscript, but now I have the complete picture. I wish I'd done this long ago before I blindly fiddled with revisions. This edit was invaluable.”
Martha McCormick, author, Border Girls
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