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Partners Again
A story about imagination, cookies, chalk dust, murder, blue diamonds, and family!
by Arthur T. Lee
illustrated by Nick Bontorno
ISBN: 978-0980229707

Winner of the Dove Family Seal of Approval 2008

The real power of imagination comes from your heart! Albert mctweed is a real boy on the brink of a really big problem. PJ McDougal is a cowboy from Albert s imagination with no real problems at all. All that changes one terrible afternoon when Albert s parents separate, and Albert and PJ meet face to face. From there, the adventure—a blur of reality and imagination, really and not-so-really—begins. Albert’s elementary school proves corrupt, a murder of gargantuan proportions takes place, and a bitter betrayal exposes Abert’s whereabouts to a gang of vicious criminals led by the elusive Al Godon. And while knowledge is crucial in the real world, it is only Albert's imagination that has the power to save his family.

“A rip-roarin, hootin tootin adventure! There’s something for everyone ... middle graders through adult readers.”
Jen Weiss, Harper Collins

“Jill Ronsley has been instrumental in the maturation and success of my first novel, Partners Again. Without hesitation, I can honestly say working with her has been a pleasure, an education, and a highly rewarding experience. From our first conversation prior to signing a contract to our final “until next time” after sending my novel to the printer, she was a guiding beacon of knowledge, experience, and empathy. I consider myself extremely lucky to have secured her highly skilled services, and I consider her a friend. With an eye for detail and a passion for literature, Jill’s remarkable work is the result of those priceless qualities we all hope for in an editor and designer. A thousand times over, thank you, Jill!” —Arthur T. Lee

Published by Nobility Publishing. Available at Nobility Publishing
and Amazon.com.


My Mother’s Heart: The Story of Brown Sugar
by Treneice Collins
ISBN: 978-0-615-43116-1

My Mother’s Heart is the touching tale of a single mother, Ilene, and her daughter, Margaret. It expresses the relation between them through the journals of Margaret's life after her mother’s unexpected death. Alone and confused, Margaret discovers that only through her memories of Ilene can she find her way back to her mother’s heart.

My Mother’s Heart is available from AlloGroup.

“Jill Ronsley is a wonderful editor, and she was a pleasure to work with. She took my manuscript and brought it to life. Through her expertise, my vision became a reality. It was easy to work with someone who has great knowledge of her craft. She wasn’t afraid to push me to be creative and expressive in my writing, which made My Mother’s Heart a beautiful book. Thanks, Jill, for your dedication and patience throughout the project.” —Treneice Collins, CEO and author, AlloGroup


Kayak Reef: Eye of the Arctic
by Bradley J. Stewart

In 1888, an Inuit girl named Myauka, lover of Arctic wildlife, falls in love with a sailor from a passing ship. When she mysteriously disappears from her village, her story becomes legend. Did she run away to pursue true love, mocking her family and people, or was she captured by marauders? In 2007, Geoff, a teenager living just south of the Canadian Arctic, continues his family tradition of prowling the far north, protecting animals from poachers. He and his companions, Tommi, Lee and Kalan, travel through a battleground that crosses his world and Myauka's to solve the mystery.

To purchase and for more information, click here.

"I never thought I would describe a ghost story mystery as "heart-warming," but that's exactly what Kayak Reef is! A great adventure, a fun read, with a surprise twist at the end."
—Susan Branch (Author of Heart of the Home series books published by Little, Brown & Company.)

"Jill, I am very grateful for the cover design and interior you developed for Kayak Reef. I must say, the ingenious editing was even more overwhelming. Great job! You are an example of integrity, not only in the way this book's timely schedule was completed, but in your dedication to me, a customer. Thank you." —Bradley J. Stewart (kayakreef.com)


Billie's World
by Kim Grossman Finkel

Eleven-year-old Billie Louise Kramer’s year in sixth grade is unforgettable. Billie has a made crush on the most popular boy in school. She struggles in math class, excels in singing and tries to figure out which girls are really her friends. The challenges of her first year in middle school form the backdrop of a critical situation at home. Her parents present her with some shocking news that rocks Billie’s world.

To purchase, to read reviews and for more information,
click here

"Being from a divorced family, this book touched me in so many ways. If there was to be a positive spin on something as negative as divorce - this is it! I wish I had such a book growing up - it teaches you to look at what good could come out of a bad situation."
Leah Remini, actor, The King of Queens

"The reader experiences Billie’s remarkable spirit and applauds her personal victories.… Billie’s World is a glowing debut novel written for ages 9–12.” —Midwest Book Review.

To read the complete review, click here.

"It is a scary prospect to let someone else touch your manuscript. Jill Ronsley took my 'baby,' Billie's World, and handled it with tender loving care. Throughout the entire editing process, Jill was there supporting my book. Jill was always responsive and met all deadlines. There's no doubt I will use Jill's expertise on my next novel. Thank you, Jill, for being a part of my first publishing experience. You're the best!"
Kim Grossman Finkel 


Saltwater Taffy
by Eric DelaBarre
illustrated by R. C. Nason
ISBN: 978-0-9723578-0-7
published by Seven Publishing
designed and edited by Jill Ronsley

Set in the town of Port Townsend, Washington, Saltwater Taffy follows the lives of five friends as they uncover the secrets of a treasure map that once belonged to the ruthless New Orleans pirate, Jean Lafitte. The discovery thrusts them from one treasure-hunting adventure to the next as they try to out-wit, out-think and out-maneuver everyone, from a one-legged junkyard man and an overbearing town bully to the creepy old man living at the top of the hill. Saltwater Taffy is a race-to-the-finish adventure that will grab you and never let go.

“With great friends, epic adventures and poignant life lessons along the way, Saltwater Taffy will touch your heart, at any age.”
Janice Tashjian, Associate Producer, AVATAR

“When I received glowing endorsements from 9 Teachers of the Year for Saltwater Taffy, I knew the design of the book was paramount. As an independent, I must make sure my products match and surpass the look and feel of New York. With Jill’s help and expert guidance, Saltwater Taffy is now a book that jumps off the shelf into the hands of readers. Her work is SAWEET!”
Eric DelaBarre, Author & Publisher, Seven Publishing

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