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Brand Your Juju: Ten Steps for Building Brands that Change Minds and Change the World
by Julia Hook
published by The Hook, LCC

For the branding process to flourish, we've got to do it together, in the right environment. Through online learning, on-site strategy workshops, custom webinars, meetings, retreats—whatever works best for your company's size and structure—we'll find your organization's true juju … its superpower. We'll name it. We'll write a story about it. We'll build a brand around it, or renovate the brand you already have. And then we'll shout it from the mountaintops.

“Jill Ronsley recently designed the eBook I wrote for my website. I found her through an internet search, and it was so refreshing to have such a great experience with someone entirely unknown to me. Jill is an outstanding communicator: smart, charming, an expert in her field, and truly respectful. The work she did for me was excellent. The book turned out beautifully. She made every aspect of the project easy for me. I would definitely recommend Jill to anyone looking for great typesetting and design, and a truly professional experience.” —Julia Hook

Visit Strategic Juju for more information.

Voices of Harmony and Dissent: How Peacebuilders Are Transforming Their Worlds
edited by Richard McCutcheon, Jarem Sawatsky and
Valerie Smith

ISBN: 978-0-9207182-6-1: (softcover)
ISBN: 978-0-9207189-6-4: (e-book)
published by CMU Press

Voices of Harmony and Dissent: How Peacebuilders Are Transforming Their Worlds  is an informative and thought-provoking resource from the world-renowned Canadian School of Peacebuilding (CSOP). Each chapter, authored by a different peace leader, explores three dimensions of peacebuilding: stories of inspiring peace work; tools and strategies for peacebuilding in a variety of settings; an d resources that have helped shape the author's views.

"An empowering patchwork of rich voices of harmony and dissent. All of us can be much better peacebuilders if we take that journey of the connections with this sumptuous volume."
John Braithwaite, author of Crime, Shame and Reintegration

Available on Amazon: Paperback and e-Book.


Mind Your Head: An Emotional Intelligence Guide for School Leaders
by David Boddy
ISBN: 978-190809562
published by John Catt Educational Limited

At a time when recent governments continue to suffocate head teachers in a sea of bureaucratic initiatives, this book encourages educational leaders to be adventurous, distinctive and above all independent. 

Available from Amazon and other booksellers.

"As a first time author I turned to Jill Ronsley to edit my book because of her considerable experience and deep understanding of human values and the educational process. The decision was the wisest I have taken. She not only examined the text with a sharp but empathetic intellect, but she also took her scalpel to my manuscript, eliminating the unnecessary and illuminating the points I was trying to make. The result is a far more readable book for the buyers and a far more satisfying product for the author. I cannot recommend Jill too highly." 
David Boddy

"John Catt Educational worked with Jill on the production of Mind Your Head: An Emotional Intelligence Guide for School Leaders . Although we were separated by thousands of miles, we found her very pleasant and friendly to work alongside and she did a thoroughly professional job. When the files arrived with us, they were in good order and exactly the right format. We would have no hesitation working with Jill on other projects."
Alex Sharratt, CEO, John Catt Educational Limited, London, UK

Are We Having Fun Yet? 75 Ways to Create a Motivating Work Environment
by Regina M. Clark
ISBN 978-0-615-28080-6

Motivating employees has always been a very difficult topic. On the one hand we can say that people are motivated for their own reasons, not for your reasons. On the other hand, research has proven that there is a strong relationship between happy employees and productivity. So how do we ensure that our employees are happy and motivated? This book is full of suggestions collected from a wide variety of employers. Some ideas are simple to implement while others will take strategic planning and a budget.


Grow It! How to Grow Afro-Textured Hair to Maximum Lengths in the Shortest Time
by Chicoro
ISBN: 978-0-9820689-0-8

The Beautify Bit By Bit series of books focuses on Chicoro’s dream to help beautify African women throughout the world, naturally, through her knowledge of aromatherapy, hair care, skin care and raw food. The book offers information on hair care—products, treatments, cutting and growing. Chicoro’s research and information will be helpful for the health and beauty of every type of hair.  

#1 on in the "Beauty & Fashion/ Hair"
category, summer, 2009.

Available from online booksellers including Amazon.
Also available in French on and
Faites-Les Pousser! Cultivez-Les!: Comment faire pousser le cheveu afro au mieux en un temps relativement court.


Hair Products 101: A 4-Step Process to Empower You to Select the Best Products for Your Hair
by Chicoro
ISBN: 978-0982068922

Hair Products 101 is written for the hair care consumer who wants to choose hair care products based on knowledge. Chicoro describes the science behind maintaining beautiful, healthy hair, giving detailed information about the best chemicals and ingredients to look for in shampoos, conditioners and other hair-care products.

Available on and other online venues.

“Jill Ronsley brought the beauty of my book to fruition. Jill understood the essence of the message immediately. Most important, she champions, preserves and eloquently illuminates the precious 'voice' of the author. I wanted to claim her revisions and corrections as my own. If there were such a person as a Book Whisperer, it would be Jill.” —Chicoro


Bring Out the Best in Your Child and Your Self
by Ilene Val-Essen, Ph.D.
ISBN: 978-0-9875371-1-5

Discover that at the core, children and teens want to be cooperative and responsible. Difficult behavior is actually a cry for help: “Help me to learn better ways to meet my needs.” We don’t have to feel that we’re imposing discipline—we’re on the same team! And that changes everything.

Silver Medal, 2013 Global Ebook Awards

“Powerful … every parent would benefit from this book.”
Dorothy Firman, co-author, Chicken Soup for the Mother and Daugher Soul & Chicken Soup for the Father and Son Soul

“This book is elegant … the illustrations delightful … A godsend for parents. Valuable insights, effective skills and true wisdom. Practical parenting advice.”
AAP News

“Jill Ronsley, with patience and kindness, stays the course until you get the interior design you want.”
Ilene Val-Essen


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