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“Having worked with Jill through a number of book design projects, I have found her to do excellent creative interiors in a timely fashion. As well, she is easy to work with and collaborates effectively to produce the most satisfying manuscripts possible. We will definitely be using Jill for future projects.”
Michael Mirolla, Editor-In-Chief, Guernica Editions


Austin Clarke: Essays on His Works
by Camille A. Isaacs (Editor)
ISBN: 9781550717235
published by Guernica Editions, 2013 (408 pages)

A collection of essays on one of Toronto's best-known and loved writers-politicians-social commentators. The essays on Austin Clarke's writings are paired with a full-length poem that displays both Austin's acerbic wit and tenderness. Culminating with the international success of The Polished Hoe in 2002, Toronto's Austin Clarke has published ten novels, six short-story collections, and three memoirs in the United States, England, Canada, Australia, and Holland since 1964. Clarke has also received a Toronto Arts Award for Lifetime Achievement in Literature (1992) and in 1998 he was invested with the Order of Canada. In 1999 he received the Martin Luther King Junior Award for Excellence in Writing.

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Daniel David Moses: Spoken and Written Explorations
of His Work
by David Brundage and Tracey Lindberg (Editors)
ISBN 13: 9781550719482
published by Guernica Editions

This collection is a compelling examination and discussion of the work of Indigenous writer Daniel David Moses. Including pieces by Indigenous and non-Indigenous authors, storytellers, playwrights, academics and artists, participating in narratives, writing and dialogues about Moses and his work, the book is at once engaging, grounded in comparative analysis and forceful. Among the contributors: Don Perkins, Randy Lundy, Kristina Fagan Bidwell, Rob Appleford, Maria Campbell, Brenda Macdougall, Greg Scofield, Jo-Ann Episkenew, Helen Gilbert, David Brundage and Tracey Lindberg. In addition, Daniel David Moses contributed his radio play, My Grandfather's Face.

Available from Guernica Editions and Amazon.

Sheila Watson: Essays on Her Works (Essential Writers Series)
by Sheila Watson
editor: Joseph Pivato
ISBN: 978-1550718942
published by Guernica Editions

Sheila Watson published the iconic novel, The Double Hook, in 1959 and influenced the writing of many Canadian authors who followed her, such as Robert Kroetsch, Michael Ondaatje, George Bowering and Daphne Marlatt. This first collection of essays devoted to her writing, as well as her work as editor and mentor, examines The Double Hook, Deep Hollow Creek (1992), her short stories, her notes on "How to read Ulysses" and the McLuhan connection. Contributors include Caterina Edwards, E. D. Blodgett, Mary G. Hamilton, George Melnyk, Margaret Morriss, Margot Northey, Glenn Willmott and Sergiy Yakovenko.

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Africadian Atlantic: Essays on George Elliott Clarke
(Essential Writers Series)

by Joseph Pivato (Editor)
ISBN: 9781550716276
published by Guernica Editions

This collection features essays on Nova Scotia-born poet, playwright and literary critic George Elliott Clarke. Instrumental in promoting the writing of Canadian writers of African descent, Clarke's work has won awards including the Governor General's Award for poetry, a National Magazine Gold Medal Award for Poetry, the prestigious Trudeau Fellowship Prize, the Dartmouth Book Award for Fiction, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Achievement Award, and The Premiul Poesis (Romania)

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Untying The Apron: Daughters Remember Mothers
of the 1950s

by Lorri Neilsen Glenn (Editor)
ISBN13: 9781550717297
published by Guernica Editions

Mothers of the 1950s were wasp-waisted, dutiful, serene, and tied to the kitchen with apron strings. Or so we thought. This collection of searing and startling poetry and prose unties the stereotype and reveals women who were strong, wild, talented, wise, mad, creative, desperate, angry, courageous, bitter, tenacious, reckless and beautiful, sometimes all at once. The contributors include multi-award-winning poets, novelists, and essayists, as well as compelling new literary voices.

Available from Guernica Editions, Amazon and booksellers everywhere.


I Found It at the Movies: An Anthology of Film Poems (Essential Anthologies Series)
by Ruth Roach Pierson (Editor)
ISBN13: 9781550718973
published by Guernica Editions

Although poetry is one of the oldest art forms and cinema one of the youngest, a symbiosis exists between the two -- an interchange of metaphor, rhythm, point-of-view. No surprise, then, that so many contemporary poets write about film and the magnitude of its effect on modern life. Featuring work by some of the most acclaimed poets writing in Canada today (and three from the USA), I Found It at the Movies includes poems inspired by the full range of cinematic history -- from silent films to blockbusters, from neo-realism to cartoon, from Fred Astaire to vampires, and from all around the world. Entering this collection is an experience as beguiling as a trip to the movies itself. Among the poets included: Margaret Atwood, Don McKay, Michael Ondaatje, Steven Heighton, David W. McFadden, Karen Solie, Marilyn Bowering, Julie Bruck, Stephanie Bolster and Ken Babstock.

Available from Guernica Editions, Amazon and booksellers everywhere.


Delft Blue & Objects of the World: Archives I and II (Essential Translation Series)
by Louise Warren (Author) and Karen McPherson (Translator)
ISBN13: 9781550717990
published by Guernica Editions
Translated from the French

Archives are often depicted as musty repositories, museum cellars, warehouses shoring up retaining walls against forgetfulness and the inevitable erosions of time. Objects deposited in the archives are tucked away for safekeeping. But Louise Warren? archives are not file boxes or document lockers. They are not relegated to closed cabinets in locked rooms. They are where writing goes and what writing does.

Available from Guernica Editions, Amazon and booksellers everywhere.


M.G. Vassanji: Essays On His Works (Essential Writers Series)
by Asma Sayed (Editor)
ISBN13: 9781550719963
published by Guernica Editions

This collection was born of a conviction that Vassanji's contributions to the global literary scene merit more in-depth scholarly notice. The articles herein, most of which are comparative in focus, provide various interpretations of Vassanji's writings through a diversity of theoretical frameworks. The fulcrum of much of this research comes back to issues of globalization, transnationalism, identity, post-colonialism, cosmopolitanism and diaspora.

Like Conrad, Vassanji is a writer whose identity was displaced and transformed by empire, who came to writing later in life, composed his work in a language foreign to his birth and chronicled the in-between lives of global citizens who seemed to belong nowhere." —John Barber

Available from Guernica Editions, Amazon and booksellers everywhere.


Compulsive Acts: Essays, Interviews, Reflections on the Work of Sky Gilbert (Essential Writers Series)
by David Bateman (Editor)
ISBN-13:  978-1550717204
published by Guernica Editions

Compulsive Acts explores the films, plays, and personality of prolific playwright, novelist, film maker, and poet Sky Gilbert through the eyes of a handful of the people who have observed his work closely over the past two decades, as audience members and arts workers. Actors, academics, performance artists, journalists, film makers, playwrights, poets and his partner of many years tackle his immense output with a queer eye for the intricacies of a unique and astute aesthetic vision, a vision that has placed him securely within Canadian Theatre history as an iconic and consistently provocative dramatic force to be reckoned with.

Available from Amazon and booksellers everywhere.

Accidental Genius: The Pantheon of Modern American Poets
by Keith Garebian
ISBN: 978-1-55071-981-9
published by Guernica Editions

Using many right-wing extremists in North America (which means, in effect, weird Republicans), Garebian takes well-known utterances of egregious political, social, and cultural atrocity and present them as if they were modern poems deserving of serious academic consideration. The intent is to deflate by inflating them in mock-serious fashion. So, there are samples from the likes of Mitt Romney, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter, Michelle Bachmann, Antonin Scalia, Donald Trump, etc. but also from names from pop culture, e.g. Snooki, Tom Cruise, etc.

Accidental Genius  is both wickedly clever and frightening. Using the tongue-in-cheek persona of a droll scholar/critic, Garebian takes the bafflegab of U.S. politicians, reality stars, pundits and the like, transfigures it into (faux) poetry to show, all too clearly, just "... where the Renaissance has led to ..."
—Ronnie R. Brown, People's Poet ry Award Winner

KEITH GAREBIAN is a widely published, award-winning author of non-fiction and poetry. Accidental Genius is his 19th published title.

Available from Amazon, Guernica Editions and booksellers everywhere.

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