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Steinbeck's Bitter Fruit
by Thomas Fensch
ISBN: 978-0983229650: (paperback)
ISBN: 978-0983229643: (hard cover)
published by New Century Books

In the 1930s, John Steinbeck published "In Dubious Battle," a novel based on union organizing and anti-union sentiment in the rich and fertile central valleys of California. He followed that with a series of articles in The San Francisco News, about poverty and starvation among the migrants in California. In 1939, he published "The Grapes of Wrath," which became an instant American classic and the premier moral vision of the 1930s. The themes were: homelessness; joblessness; poverty; starvation and the greed of the banks. Now, 73 years later, it is all back. Lost homes and lost jobs by the hundreds of thousands, poverty, starvation and the greed of the banks. Steinbeck's vision of the 1930s is with us again.

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“Jill Ronsley is a treasure! She knew exactly what we wanted for our covers and interior design and corrected mistakes we didn't realize we were making. Prompt and professional! We have a beautiful book, thanks to her help. I can't wait to work with her again and would never recommend anyone else for book design.” —Thomas Fensch

At the Dangerous Edge of Social Justice: Race, Violence and Death in America
by Thomas Fensch
ISBN: 978-0983229674: (softcover)
ISBN: 978-0983229667: (hardcover)
published by New Century Books

This  is a book of profiles in courage-facing prejudice in America: Emmett Till, killed at 14 in 1955; Medgar Evers, killed at 37 in 1963; Malcolm X, killed at 39 in 1965; Martin Luther King, Jr., killed at 39, in 1968, James Byrd Jr. killed at 49 in 1998, Trayvon Martin, killed at 17 in 2012. Other topics are John Howard Griffin, who dyed his skin black and wrote the classic Black Like Me; Grace Halsell, who dyed her skin black and wrote Soul Sister; civil rights icons Fannie Lou Hamer and Rosa Parks, Rodney King and others. Fifty years after Martin Luther King Jr's "I Have a Dream" speech, an Epilogue shows dramatically how far America is from being a fully post-racist society: blacks are still twice as likely as whites to live in poverty; twice as likely to be unemployed as whites; the net worth of white families is 22 times greater than black families-and on and on.This is a tragic and powerful book.

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The Sordid Hypocrisy of To Protect And To Serve
by  Thomas Fensch
ISBN: 978-0-9963154-5-6: (paperback)
ISBN: 978-0-9963154-4-9: (ebook)
published by New Century Books

The Sordid Hypocrisy of To Protect and To Serve  ... is a savage indictment of the worst police practices in America. The Los Angeles Police adopted the motto "To Protect and To Serve" in 1955. In 1991 the videotape beating of Rodney King horrified the nation and tarnished - perhaps forever - the LAPD's reputation. Since then Albuquerque, New Mexico police have randomly shot citizens and have received bonuses and time off for their behavior; a car chase in Cleveland, Ohio, in November, 2021 involved 62 police vehicles and resulted in two unarmed citizens dead; Eric Garner died in a police chokehold in Staten Island in July, 2014; unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot in Ferguson, Missouri, August 2014, 12-year-old Tamir Rice shot by a Cleveland policeman in November, killed by the policeman within two seconds of arriving on the scene; and other horrific examples of police misconduct. The book contains the texts of two complete (federal) Dept. of Justice investigations: the Albuquerque New Mex. Police Department and the Ferguson, Mo., police department and corruption in the Ferguson city government. It also contains a list of the multi-millions in wrongful death lawsuits paid by major American cities, funds which could have been been spent elsewhere. 380 pages. The book is powerful - and extremely timely. It is a companion book to "At the Dangerous Edge of Social Justice: Race, Violence and Death in America," by the same author, published in 2013.

Available from major booksellers including  Amazon.


The Man Who Changed His Skin: The Life and Work of John Howard Griffin
by Thomas Fensch
ISBN: 978-0-9832296-0-5
published by New Century Books

The Man Who Changed His Skin is the first complete biography of John Howard Griffin. In 1935, Griffin journeyed from Texas to France alone at age 15, to study. When the Nazis invaded France, he helped get French, German and Austrian Jews to safety. Before he was 21, he was on Gestapo death lists. He returned to the U.S., joined the Air Force and was stationed on a remote island in the South Pacific. His eyesight was damaged in a Japanese air attack and he became blind for 10 years. Suddenly, it came back. He then turned his skin black and traveled throughout the south in 1959-1960. His book, Black Like Me, became an instant American classic and was published in 65 countries. This biography is published on the 50th anniversary of Black Like Me.

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Understanding China's Digital Generation
by Heidi Schultz, Martin P. Block and Don E. Schultz
ISBN: 978-09848756-1-0
published by the Prosper Foundation

This is a must-read for executives managing marketing and communication programs in the world's most challenging and complicated market. Drawing on the massive ProsperChinaT Quarterly Survey, this book presents a clear, practical view of how young Chinese consumers act, shop, and plan for the future.

Available from the GoProsper and Amazon.

“Jill Ronsley came highly recommended, and after working with her on our latest book, we know why. She is extremely knowledgeable and thorough and her company did an excellent job editing and typesetting for us. We’re very pleased with the book and plan to work with her again soon.”
Phil Rist, BIGresearch, EVP/Strategic Initiatives. 


The Changing American Consumer
by Maryanne Bickle in cooperation with the Prosper Foundation
ISBN: 978-0-9819415-8-5
published by the Prosper Foundation

In the biggest economic crisis for generations … What do consumers really think? How have their attitudes changed? And how can businesses adapt successfully? The Changing American Consumer draws lessons from BIGinsight’s ongoing survey-based analysis of the attitudes, expectations, and intentions of US consumers of all ages and income brackets. The lessons drawn will prove vital in assisting companies as they refocus in a changing and uncertain new market. (The third book in the series, following Media Generations and Retail Communities; see below.)

Available from online booksellers and  Amazon


Retail Communities: Consumer-Driven Retailing
by Don E. Schultz, PhD, Martin P. Block, PhD & BIGresearch
ISBN: 978-0-9819415-4-7
published by Prosper Publishing

Retailing in today’s transformational marketplace is a challenge for both retailers and manufacturers because consumers are unique and require individual attention. This book helps you understand how to identify, interact and even create retail communities beneficial for consumers and retailers.

Available from online booksellers, Retail Communities
and  Amazon


Media Generations: Media Allocation in a Consumer-Controlled Marketplace
by Martin P. Block, PhD, Don E. Schultz, PhD & BIGresearch
ISBN: 978-0-9819415-0-9
published by Prosper Publishing

It is self-evident that media planning and buying cannot continue to use the methods, systems and technologies that were developed in the 1970s and 1980s. While they are comfortable and are the current currency in media allocation, they are as obsolete as carbon paper. Most media planners and buyers act as agents for their clients. Thus, they have a fiduciary obligation to allocate the finite corporate resources in the most effective and efficient manner possible

For the client or advertiser, that charge now includes an objective to become more consumer-centric and increase marketing ROI. The new SIMM consumer allocation method does just that by making the consumer, their consumption value, and media influences to purchase key elements in the new model. Media Generations also demonstrates to media planning the utility of considering how media consumption and influence change among age cohorts with different media experiences.

Available from Amazon.

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