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This page contains information about book reviewers, At the top of the page are reviewers that provide pre-publication book reviews. At the end, there are links to Web pages that provide additional information about book reviews.

Reviews may be published online, in magazines and e-zines or newsletters, and in national and local newspapers. There is no need to pay for a book review. If your books are for children, you might try contacting your local children's librarians or school teachers.

ALA Booklist
From the American Library Association.
Click here for guidelines.

Library Journal Book Review is an adult book selection tool for public and academic libraries. Each year it provides some 6000 timely, professional evaluations. Books chosen by the editors for review, from about 40,000 received annually, range from the most popular to the scholarly, encompass all subject areas, and include original paperbacks as well as hardcover books.
Click here for guidelines. For additional information, click here.

School Library Journal
Publishes reviews on books for children.
Click here for guidelines.

ForeWord Magazine, a bi-monthly pre-pub review journal, publishes reviews of books including books, audio books, POD books, and e-books from independent publishers and university presses to coincide with their publication dates. Specializes in independently published books.
Click here for guidelines.

Publishers Weekly
Publishes reviews on books of all genres, including books for children.
Click here for guidelines. Reviews
For information about reviews.
Click here and scroll down the page.

Kirkus Reviews
Kirkus Reviews is associated with The Book Standard. Publishes reviews on books for children.
Click here for guidelines.

Midwest Book Reviews provides book reviews and advice for writers and publishers. The process of obtaining a professional book review is described halfway down this page (click here). Publishes reviews on fiction, nonfiction, and children’s books in all subjects, categories, and genres. Click here to access their list of reviewers, including newspapers. Provides pre- and post-publication reviews. View the January 2006 issue with Jim Cox's reference to Jill Ronsley by clicking here. To find a reviewer, click on "Other Reviewers". Scroll down the long list of freelance book reviewers, book review publications, book review Web sites, and so on for the ones that looking promising. Click on them to go to their respective Web sites and determine if they would be thematically appropriate for your book.

Independent Publisher Online Magazine is a trade journal for the independent publishing community, specializing in marketing and promotion for independent authors and publishers. This company sponsors the IPPY Awards for independently published books. Submissions are accepted in 50 categories.
Click here
for guidelines.

Genre View provides book reviews on Genre fiction. This includes the major genres of Crime Fiction, Romance Fiction, Speculative Fiction, Western Fiction and others.  These often have sub-genres, such as Mystery, Suspense and Police Procedural within Crime Fiction, or Science Fiction and Horror within Speculative Fiction.  New sub-genres appear without warning, so don’t try to pin them down!
Click here to have your book reviewed.

Reader Views reviews books published within the past 2 calendar years and books whose publishing date is scheduled for the next calendar year. If your book is already published, this may be a good option for reviews.

See the Web site for information and submission guidelines.
Click here for guidelines.

Book Connector cultivates "customized connections for small press authors." They connect "authors and publishers with people and resources that promote your manuscript. We intelligently match your book's characteristics with our large database of review sites, reading venues and newsletters - you get personalized results that give you the most bang for your book."

For a long list of reviewers, visit Midwest Book Reviews.
Click here

The Complete Review, "a literary saloon of site and reviews," offers a "selectively comprehensive, objectively opinionated survey of books old and new, trying to meet all your book review, preview, and information needs. For an excellent list of book review sites, visit their Links to Book Reviews page.

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