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How to list printed books, eBooks and audio books with major online booksellers

Below is a list of resources that you may find helpful when you are setting up your Books and eBooks for sale online. for Books and Kindle eBooks “Selling Your Stuff: Quick Start”
Amazon Advantage (program for Publishers) “Search Inside the Book Program (SITB)”

Link Your Printed Book to Your eBook Edition on

To sell a Kindle book on, first set up a Publisher’s Account with the Kindle Direct Publishers (KDP) program. If you publish a book in print and for the Kindle, you will want to link the two editions on That way, when customers are on the sales page of either edition, they will be able to see that it's also available in the other format. Also, reviews posted for either edition will appear on both pages.

If your print and eBook editions are not linked together by within a few days of your uploading them, contact

To Link your Print Edition to your Kindle Edition:
     1. Login to your account.
     2. Go to your Kindle Direct Publishing dashboard.
     3. Click on the Community tab.
     4. Click on the Help Pages link.
     5. At the bottom of the page, click on Contact Us.
     6. From the menu on the left, select Linking Kindle and Print Editions.

Go to the Helpdesk. Look for Publisher and Author Guidelines. Then click on Getting Started.

Uploading your EPUB file for the B&N Nook (YouTube Video Tutorial)

Apple iBookstore for eBook Sales
To Register, go to iTunes Connect Online Application. Select Books from the dropdown menu and then continue through the wizard.

How to Sell Your eBook in the Apple iBookstore”

Audio Books
"How do I sell my audio book on Amazon?"
MP3 Content Frequently Asked Questions

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