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Book writing and production often require extra services. We want your book to be everything you hope for—and maybe even more!

Would you like help with Amazon? Creating an effective profile as an author or publisher can boost sales. There are several things to consider when launching a book, an ebook or a book series. Jill will help you with the various steps needed to have your book displayed advantageously on Amazon.

Would you like to achieve Amazon #1 Bestseller status in your field to boost sales, achieve credibility as an expert, or launch your book speaking tour? Find out more about this program.

Do you have an audio recording that needs to be transcribed so that you can use it for your book? We will type and format your text so it is clean and easy for you to work with.

Do you have photos or illustrations that require retouching or other modifications to make them clear in print? We have both the software and the skills needed to enhance them.

Is English not your mother tongue? We  work with many writers whose first language is not English. Click here to read more about our work with different languages.

Do you have an urgent deadline? You may need to have books designed, printed and delivered quickly for a planned event. We can help.

Would you like help choosing a book printer? A publisher is different from a printer, and not every printer produces, binds and delivers books. It’s important to choose a printer that provides the services you need to optimize your book production and sales. The printer you choose will depend partly on your market and your sales strategy. Click here to read more about printers on our Book Design page.

Contact us and we’ll come up with a plan to take care of the extra things you need for your book.

We work with all genres, in different languages and with dedicated book printers around the world.

Amazon & Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

Setting up a publisher profile and profiles for your book’s sales page on Amazon can be daunting. The same is true for ebooks on Amazon’s Kindle site, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

If you are writing a series, you may want to set up a series bundle for your titles.

We can set this up for you so that your information is correct and your sales pages stand out. We will also upload your book files in the correct formats.

Contact us with your requests related to Amazon, Kindle Direct Publishing or Create Space.

A book in a series: TIMS—The Intelligent Migrant Series, Book 3, by Vadim Turcanu, available in softcover and ebook formats.

Audio Transcription

You may have given a talk at an event and recorded it. You may have dictated the first draft of your book, rather than typing it. When inspiration comes, we often capture our ideas using a recording app on our mobile phone.

Having a transcription of your recording facilitates use of the text for other projects, such as a book, article or website content.

We provide transcription services and deliver a properly formatted Word file, without all the ums and ahs. You will then be able to extract the passages you need for use in any project.

You can record your story using simple recording equipment.

Image Retouching

Scratches, dust and signs of aging on a photograph will show clearly in a printed book or ebook. Sometimes you will want the aged look in your photos. At other times, they will look better cleaned up.

We can retouch your images for your publication if need be. Illustrations and photos can be modified, cropped, resized or adjusted in various ways.

Starting with an original, high-resolution digital file is ideal. When you take photos, set your digital or cell phone camera to the highest resolution to ensure that later you can use your photos easily.

If you scan an old photograph, it’s best to do so at 300 to 400 dots per inch (dpi) and save the file as a TIFF or JPEG.

“Jill was great in helping me to understand the ins and outs of book design and printing. Her calm, positive demeanor made her great to work with when dealing with repeated iterations, pulling together all the pieces, and handling the last minute changes that are inevitable in this type of project. I found Jill’s ideas, suggestions, and insights to be very helpful, and that made the whole process easier. She obviously knows her stuff!”
Diane E. Root, author of Solomon Sire and the Fabulous Fib

Urgent Deadlines

Don’t miss an important event and the book sales it may bring.

Do you have to meet an urgent deadline? Occasions may arise when you need several copies of their books fast.

You may have an event scheduled at an educational institute or business enterprise and need 100 copies of your book delivered to the location by a specific date and time. Failing to deliver the books can be embarrassing. It can also disrupt your marketing plans and cost you valuable sales.

Writers often announce a publication date for their books. Fans and business people have planned events around that date, and you would’t want to disappoint them.

If you have a rush job and need help arranging printing and binding services with fast delivery, contact us.

“Jill Ronsley edited and designed my book, and got it printed and delivered on short notice for an event at the Harvard Faculty Club, Cambridge. This would not have happened without her expertise. She also formatted my ebook and took care of Amazon for me. I strongly recommend her.”
— Rudi Pijnnaken, PT, CDP, author of Are You Losing Your Memory?

Are You Losing Your Memory by Rudi Pijnnaken was edited, designed, printed and delivered on very short notice.