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Interior Design & Cover Design 

What We Deliver

The message, cover and interior design of your book should complement each other. In bookstores or online stores, a striking cover entices people to take the book off of a shelf or search inside. Clear, well-designed pages are inviting and make reading a pleasure.

INTERIOR BOOK DESIGN: We create 3 original designs samples for your manuscript. Each design has different fonts and styles for the chapter numbers, chapter titles, headers, body text, subheads and other text elements. Choose the design that you like best, and if you request any adjustments, we will send you a revised sample. Once you approve the design, we will typeset your entire manuscript.u

COVER DESIGN:  Based on your book’s subject and target audience, we create 3 front cover design samples for you to choose from. We will modify and refine the design you choose to get it just right. When the front cover is done, we will complete the spine and the back cover with a bar code. If you are planning to print a hardcover book, we will also finish the flaps of your dust jacket.

PRINTING & DELIVERY: We can help you choose a printer that best serves your project. Based on the printer’s specifications, we will prepare and deliver high-resolution files for print. 

Interior Book Design

An attractive page layout and clear composition make reading a pleasure. We carefully create a layout, paying attention to the following details:.

  • font selection
  • page and margin size
  • widow and orphan control
  • hyphenation control
  • headers, footers and page numbers (perhaps with a graphic)
  • paragraph and line spacing
  • columns and callouts
  • bulleted and numbered lists
  • table of contents (simple or complex)
  • use of white space
  • illustrations, photos and tables
  • footnotes or endnotes
  • bibliography and glossary
  • index
  • flourishes that make your book stand out

“I would recommend Jill Ronsley without hesitation. Her design captured the feel of our book project perfectly. She was always timely, even with last-minute requests. Without fail, she delivered just what we needed and was meticulous and thorough. Above all else, Jill was a pleasure to work with. She was always prompt and friendly, and was always willing to go the extra mile. She is a consummate professional.”
—Jill Russell, American Cancer Society, Book Publishing

Book Cover Design

An original book cover that illustrates the content of your book is essential. Images, colors, font choice, text layout and the proportion of all the elements together should reflect something relevant or powerful about your book. The book cover should attract your readers. 

The back cover is also extremely important. It is valuable real estate that you can use to convey something  meaningful and relevant to your potential readers. 

A hardcover book could have silver, gold, or colored foil embossed on the spine. 

We work with skilled graphic artists and photographers to ensure that your book cover conveys your message. 

Why Hire a Professional Book Designer?

The interior design should enhance the subject and content of a book. An ornate design with borders and script fonts is suitable for some books, while a simple, clean layout is appropriate to others. The design of a children’s book should enable a child to read without difficulty. Your book will look as though it was produced professionally if every part of your production—text, graphics, book design, and printing—demonstrates quality and the touch of experience.

A book designer’s experience and familiarity with the features available in professional desktop publishing software make all the difference to the final product—your book! In addition to being able to place all the elements of your manuscript together in a pleasing layout, the designer will design a book whose production is as cost-effective as possible. A book that looks wonderful when you open it required skill, time, and careful attention to detail to get it that way.

Finally, the book designer will send your book to your printer in a problem-free format. The designer knows what questions to ask the printer, understands his guidelines and submission requirements, and knows what kind of paper is appropriate for a particular job. He or she will preflight the file and provide any technical information that the printer needs. A file that is not prepared according to the printer’s specifications might end up looking very different from what you see on your computer screen, and the printer is likely to add extra charges to make corrective changes.

One more thing! A good designer takes pride in her or his work. No designer wants someone to pick up a book and say, “That was done by an amateur.” The professional designer will do his best to make your book a pleasure to read, captivating to the eye, and even admired and emulated by other designers.

“Having worked with Jill through a number of book design projects, I have found her to do excellent creative interiors in a timely fashion. As well, she is easy to work with and collaborates effectively to produce the most satisfying manuscripts possible. We will definitely be using Jill for future projects.”
—Michael Mirolla, Editor-in-Chief, Guernica Editions

Good Book Design Helps Increase Sales

A well-designed book tells a reviewer, bookseller or reader that you value your book. Reviewers mention the visual appeal of a book in their reviews, as well as whether the layout made reading pleasurable or difficult. People are more likely to buy it if they find it attractive. If your book has no eyesores, editorial errors or design flaws, nothing will jump out to make the book buyer think, “This book is not for me” or “It’s hard to read.” You want people to say, “Yes! I want to read this book!” 

Therefore, make sure your book is well-designed and typeset. This will benefit you and help your book attain success. You have already put valuable time and energy into writing the manuscript. Produce an excellent book from start to finish. Your book is worth it!

“I contacted Jill Ronsley as a potential editor for my book, seeking someone with experience in picture book design, as mine was extremely complicated. Jill was exceedingly thorough in describing the services she provides and accommodating of my schedule. Working with me for over 2 years, Jill guided me with everything from text editing to book interior design (with 370 photos of all shapes and sizes), cover work, selecting a printer, promotion, and finally to launch. Her work resulted in praise from experts in sports medicine, physical therapy, and professional bodybuilding. Regardless of your type of book, I assure you that if you choose Jill, she will far exceed your expectations as she has mine. She is honest, trustworthy, and a pleasure to work with. If I could award her a gold star, she would get 5!”
Rachel Straub, MS, CSCS, author of Weight Training Without Injury: Over 350 Step-by-Step Pictures Including What Not to Do!

Choosing a Printer

Choosing the right printer affects your publishing experience and your end product.

Different printers and printing technologies are meant for different kinds of projects. Offset printing is for printing a large number of books at once. Digital printers can produce from one to 500 books at a time. Print-on-demand (POD) uses digital printing technology and is especially popular with small publishers because of the minimal up-front costs.

For books, it is essential that you engage a printer that specializes in book printing and binding. You can select from a range of papers in offset printing, as well as different types of binding, such as perfect, saddle stitched or library.

We work with printers in the US, Canada, UK, Europe and Asia.

We are very familiar with POD printers such as Create Space, KDP, Lightning Source and Ingram Spark.

We can arrange rush printing for you if necessary.

Jill Ronsley tours a state-of-the-art printing facility.

“I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with Jill. She has designed book interiors and covers for many publishers and self-publishers that have used Worzalla for book printing. The intricacies of designing a book (particularly full color books) are many, and difficult. Jill had no trouble at all with this and provided flawless files. Every detail was perfect, and exactly to the required specs. I’d be happy to recommend Jill for any design project without hesitation. Her professionalism is top notch, skills are with the best, and her creativity is unequaled.”
Jon Kusmider, Lead Customer Service Representative, Worzalla Publishing Company