Personalized Guidance in Writing and Self-Publishing

What We Offer

Our coaching services evolved from the needs of our clients. Some writers have an idea for a book but don’t know where to start. Some people want to write a memoir, but they have no experience in writing. Others have finished their book and want to self-publish, but they can be led astray by conflicting yet enticing offers on the Internet.

Our coaching services can help you get started with and fulfill your writing and publishing goals.

Jill speaks to a group of memoir writers in New York.

Self-Publishing Simplified

Self-publishing can be daunting when you are doing it for the first time.
Are you a self-publisher who wants to make the best choices in publishing? Essentially, it’s a 5-step process, although there can be variations for different projects.

  1. Editing
  2. Interior Book Design
  3. Cover Design
  4. Proofreading
  5. Printing, Ebook Production and Publishing

We’ll help you avoid the pitfalls caused by misinformation and misleading promises on the Internet. Mistakes can be costly, as well as disappointing and disheartening. We’ll clarify this complex field and answer your questions so that you can proudly show and sell your published books.

Self-published book by Ronald Cooper

“I highly recommend Jill Ronsley and Sun Editing & Book Design’s services. In every way, they have been extraordinary in publishing my ebook, providing  top-notch coaching, and going above and beyond are greatly appreciated. You are an exceptional professional and I am elated for all of the stellar services that you promptly rendered!”
Ronald Cooper, author of How to Win in Life in a Greater Way

Your Memoir

Do you want to write your memoir?
We have created a program especially for memoir writers. Through a series of steps that starts with an interview, followed by additional questions that pertain just to your story, we’ll help you get your memoir into type. Once the book is written, we will create a unique cover design that reflects your life and your legacy. Finally, we will produce your memoir as a beautiful book and ebook. You can include photos or illustrations if you wish.

Even if you have not written formally before, we’ll guide you so that you can record your memories and experiences for your grandchildren and great grandchildren, as well as for the greater world of readers should you choose to make it available.

One way to start writing your memoir is to sit comfortably at a table with a friend and a recording device, even your cell phone. Tell your friend your stories and record yourself speaking. Later, you can transcribe them on a computer and embellish them or delete any part that isn’t needed. This way, you will get a head start on your book.

Contact us for more information. 

Memoir by Joseph A. Beato

“I have no words to describe the professionalism, passion, attitude and talent that Jill Ronsley applied in editing and designing my book. Written by a person who didn’t go to school in this country, it needed considerable editing of the grammar, punctuation and structure, and Jill helped me all the way to the end. When I was searching for an editor and ran across her website, I read that she had won an award for best book design. I was skeptical, but she made a believer out of me! My book has great eye appeal—it’s stunning! Thank you so much, Jill, for job well done. I have no hesitation recommending you.”
Joseph A. Beato, author of Breaking the Hold and Raking the Gold

Your Book—Making It Happen!

Do you have an idea for a book but are having trouble putting pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard)? Whether you want to write a nonfiction book about something you know or a work of fiction for middle grade readers, you need a good beginning, middle and end. Starting with an interview, we can help you figure out what you want to say, set your book in motion and give you the guidance you need along the way until you are holding your book in your hands.

“I first learned of Jill Ronsley’s services through the recommendation of another author. Her services have proven invaluable, not just for the specific books she worked on, but also because of how much I learned from her editing, her remarks and her words of encouragement. The education I have gained has made me a better writer going forward.”
—Darren Simon, author of The Last Guardian series

What Do You Need?

We are versatile. Tell us what aspects of writing or publishing you need help with.

We are flexible. Whether you are a writer or a publisher, and no matter how small or substantive your work may be, we will customize our services to meet your needs.

Tell us about your project using the form on our contact page and we will reply to you promptly.

“Thanks to Jill Ronsley for providing the final edit of Breaking Free and The Traveler, which improved the pace significantly, and for her internal book design and back cover. Jill also gave me invaluable advice during the publishing process, and is the sweetest person.”
Denis Hickey, author of Breaking Free and The Traveller

Memoir by Denis Hickey