Middle Grade & Young Adult


“Jill Ronsley exceeded my expectations in her substantive edit of my novel, The Secret Zoo. Jill’s strongest abilities are, I believe, rooted in her unwavering attention to detail. From structuring sentences to suggesting adjustments to plot or characters, her advice and changes to The Secret Zoo always enhanced the readability and strengthened the story. An excellent writer, Jill is in touch with the nuances of language and knows how to tighten writing to have it read more cleanly, effectively, and gracefully. She does all this while maintaining the author’s unique voice. Working with Jill, I sensed that she realized the passion that went into writing The Secret Zoo, and she not only respected that, she honored it. Jill was always available and answered emails more promptly than any other trade professional that I’ve worked with. I would highly recommend Jill’s services to everyone interested in having their work edited. I hold exceptionally high standards and was delighted when Jill surpassed them. I will undoubtedly work with Jill on future projects.”
Bryan Chick, author of The Secret Zoo Series

“Jill Ronsley has been instrumental in the maturation and success of my first novel, Partners Again. Without hesitation, I can honestly say working with her has been a pleasure, an education, and a highly rewarding experience. From our first conversation prior to signing a contract to our final “until next time” after sending my novel to the printer, she was a guiding beacon of knowledge, experience, and empathy. I consider myself extremely lucky to have secured her highly skilled services, and I consider her a friend. With an eye for detail and a passion for literature, Jill’s remarkable work is the result of those priceless qualities we all hope for in an editor and designer. A thousand times over, thank you, Jill!”
Arthur T. Lee, author of Partners Again

“Jill has a tremendously broad spectrum of knowledge and skills in book design, editing, and technical issues related to publishing and printing. She is careful, consistent, and dedicated to excellence. It is a pleasure to work with her.”
S. L. Whyte, author of The Stelladaur Series

“Jill Ronsley is a delight to work with and did a masterful job designing and typesetting my young adult novel, Torn. When it came time to design the cover, I gave her a simple photograph and she was able to come up with 4 beautiful and unique covers for my book. It was a tough decision to make! I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a true professional in the publishing industry.”
Amber Lehman, author of Torn

“Jill has worked with Toys’NTayls since we initiated our first product and is responsible for every word we publish. She does line editing and copyediting of our marketing materials, books, games and website. She also designs our books and prepares them for press. Unique in her combination of diverse capabilities, she is always professional, trustworthy, kind and patient—a great example of how the Internet offers a wonderful opportunity to find and work with the best people worldwide.”
Sarah Itzhaki, PhD, author of Wizarday! When Our Stuff Went Away and The Two-Tuba Switch

“Three words come to mind when I think of Jill Ronsley—collaborative, knowledgeable and expert. Jill partnered with us to deliver a beautifully designed and typeset Kringle Chronicles: Catching Santa book, then worked with our printers and in the end formatted our title into E-book form. Bravo Jill! You are truly an expert. One would never know by looking at our title on the bookstore shelf that it was produced by a small press. Catching Santa stands shoulder to shoulder with its corporately produced peers. Rest assured that Pants On Fire Press will partner with Jill on future releases.”
David Powers, publisher

“Jill, I am very grateful for the cover design and interior you developed for Kayak Reef. I must say, the ingenious editing was even more overwhelming. Great job! You are an example of integrity, not only in the way this book’s timely schedule was completed, but in your dedication to me, a customer. Thank you.”
Bradley J. Stewart, author

“It is a scary prospect to let someone else touch your manuscript. Jill Ronsley took my ‘baby,’ Billie’s World, and handled it with tender loving care. Throughout the entire editing process, Jill was there supporting my book. Jill was always responsive and met all deadlines. There’s no doubt I will use Jill’s expertise on my next novel. Thank you, Jill, for being a part of my first publishing experience. You’re the best!”
Kim Grossman Finkel, author of Billie’s World

“Jill has an amazing eye for design. For my middle-grade detective story, Amanda Lester and the Pink Sugar Conspiracy, I told her I wanted a layout that screamed ‘Fun.’ She gave me exactly that and turned my book into a work of art. Thank you, Jill!”
Paula Berenstein, author of Amanda Lester and the Pink Sugar Conspiracy

“When I received glowing endorsements from 9 Teachers of the Year for Saltwater Taffy, I knew the design of the book was paramount. As an independent, I must make sure my products match and surpass the look and feel of New York. With Jill’s help and expert guidance, Saltwater Taffy is now a book that jumps off the shelf into the hands of readers. Her work is SAWEET!”
Eric DelaBarre, author

“Jill Ronsley (Sun Editing & Book Design) has been a wonderful mentor and I thank her for her invaluable guidance.”
Barbara Burgess

“I couldn’t be happier with Jill Ronsley’s work on my book, The Jericho River. Her edits and suggestions were insightful, and I found her eye for style to be one of my key assets. My book presented an unusual set of challenges: footnotes in a work of fiction, ancient scripts embedded in the text, maps, illustrations, two fonts, etc. It could easily have gone wrong and created a mess. But Jill handled the moving pieces like an expert craftsman. Best of all, I loved the one-stop-shopping: the ease of hiring a single vendor for both editing and design.”
David W. Tollen