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“Sun Editing and Book Design, specifically Jill, has been wonderful to work with.  The work has been flexible, with open communication, and it evolved from brainstorming to logos to book cover design to editing to interior book design and, finally, to publication.  Sun Editing and Book Design was extremely professional, and I would highly recommend them. Thank you!”
Pamela Wirth, author of Hello, Health—Navigating and Winning Better Cognitive and Immune Function: A Guidebook for Saving 21st-Century Families

“I contacted Jill Ronsley as a potential editor for my book, seeking someone with experience in picture book design, as mine was extremely complicated. Jill was exceedingly thorough in describing the services she provides and accommodating of my schedule. Working with me for over 2 years, Jill guided me with everything from text editing to book interior design (with 370 photos of all shapes and sizes), cover work, selecting a printer, promotion, and finally to launch. Her work resulted in praise from experts in sports medicine, physical therapy, and professional bodybuilding. Regardless of your type of book, I assure you that if you choose Jill, she will far exceed your expectations as she has mine. She is honest, trustworthy, and a pleasure to work with. If I could award her a gold star, she would get 5!”
Rachel Straub, MS, CSCS, author of Weight Training Without Injury: Over 350 Step-by-Step Pictures Including What Not to Do!

“Jill brings an impressive range of sensibilities to the development-edit process. Her astute suggestions not only helped to improve the sequencing and usability of the content, as I had hoped, but they also helped to improve the book’s marketability and the reader’s perception of the author (me!). Her queries were terrific, her suggestions were outstanding, and her explanations of them were illuminating. In short, she is on speed dial for my next project!”
Eric Armstrong, author of Comprehensive Keys to the Green: Unlock Your Putting Potential in the Game of Golf

“Jill Ronsley did a superb job of laying out my book The Green Foodprint. A non-fiction work about food and the environment, it includes sections, sub-sections, vignettes, checklists, and pull quotes—formatting to the nth degree! The final product looks exactly the way I hoped it would. Jill was also responsive to questions, attentive to a myriad of details, and a pleasure to work with.
Linda Riebel, author of The Green Foodprint and Irene Dalis: Diva, Impresaria, Legend

“Jill Ronsley edited and designed my book, and got it printed and delivered on short notice for an event at the Harvard Faculty Club, Cambridge. This would not have happened without her expertise. She also formatted my ebook and took care of Amazon for me. I strongly recommend her.”
—Rudi Pijnnaken, PT, CDP, author of Are You Losing Your Memory?

“Jill’s editing added clarity and refinement to my book. I wasn’t sure I needed an editor until she sent me the first edited pages; then it was obvious that her work would make the book much more readable. Jill’s creativity in the interior and cover design, seen through her great feel for placing photos, illustrations and tables, had unparalleled professionalism. Communication with Jill is always cheerful, professional and timely.”
Mike Gabor, author of Training the Average Person to Be an Extraordinary Athlete

“I highly recommend Jill Ronsley, Sun Editing & Book Design. She is fabulous to work with!”
Regina M. Clark, CSP, author of 101 Ways to Get Fit by 50 and Are We Having Fun Yet?