Ebook Creation

For the Kindle, Apple devices, tablets and smartphones

Our ebook package makes it easy for you to sell your ebook at any online venue. You can deliver it easily to reviewers or make it a gift for friends and family.

What We Deliver

EBOOK PACKAGE: Apple devices, most smartphones and tablets display EPUB files. The Kindle displays MOBI files. Our ebook package includes both file formats, enabling your readers to enjoy your publications on any device.

ACTIVE LINKS: The table of contents entries will actively link to the corresponding locations in your ebook. Website and email addresses will also be live. Index entries, end notes and cross references (e.g., see page 63) will link to the corresponding locations in your book. Even images can be made into active links if you wish!

FIXED LAYOUT: If you have an image-rich book or a complex layout, we have solutions, including the fixed layout for the iPad and Kindle Fire.

SET-UP ON AMAZON: Putting your ebook on Amazon is essential to make it widely available to buyers. We can set it up on Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) or Ingram Spark and link your ebook to the printed version of the same title.

Ebook Creation & Formatting

Ebooks are books in an electronic format, rather than a printed and bound format.

Each ebook reading device has various settings that the person– the reader–can control. For example, a person can pick he preferred font from the selection available in the device. He can determine the size of the type, making it smaller or larger to suit his eyes. (Even if he has lost his reading glasses, he could make the type extremely large.)

In creating an ebook, many design elements can be formatted to match what is in a printed book:

  • color illustrations and photographs
  • italics, bold and typographical flourishes
  • drop caps
  • section headings
  • colored text
  • bullet points and numbered lists
  • indented paragraphs

If you have any questions, just let us know.

“Jill has been a terrific editor and designer for my books and ebooks. Jill was very significant and her overall advice throughout was of the highest order. The editing was meticulous, considered and wise, the overall interior design easy to read and attractive, and the front and back covers striking and very appealing. Jill also handled the printing coordination and the translation into ebook formats. The net result exceeded my already high expectations and I am very grateful for Jill’s professional help and support at every stage of the process.”
—Vernon Sankey, author of The Way: Finding Peace in Turbulent Times

Quick Turnaround

We’ll create and format your ebook quickly, usually within a week. Once it’s done, we can help you set it up on Amazon. Contact us for a quote.

Ebook Displays

Ebooks display best on ebook readers, tablets and smartphones. That’s what they’re made for, and that’s what people buy them for.

Nevertheless, if you don’t have an ebook reader or tablet and you want to view an ebook on your computer, apps are available that allow you to do so, though the display will be inferior and the features will be limited. For Kindle books, download Kindle for PC or Kindle for Mac from Amazon. For EPUBs, download Adobe Digital Editions for Mac or Windows. Both applications are free.

“If you’re at Jill’s page, you’re probably looking for services like her help with creating eBooks. I just finished one of these projects, my 11th title to be converted to mobi and epub formats. Jill didn’t just give me the best-looking ebooks I’ve had yet. Working with her was a pleasure. Not only talented at her work and highly skilled, Jill brings a great work ethic and superb communication. I’m thrilled to have found her, and plan on working with her in the future.”
—Rose Rosetree, author of Empath Empowerment in 30 Days and Bigger than All the Night Sky

“Thank you, Jill. I wish I’d had you make my first book, Macedonia Passage, ebook-ready a decade or so ago. I had some glitches in the original, and you’ve beautifully corrected them and made the ebook so much better looking. And now, you have made my new book, The Empty Grave, look as good as the printed book.”
—Wright Gres, Riverside Press