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“Working with Jill on the design and layout of my manuscript has been a joy. Her knowledge of the world of independent publishing, design and marketing has been an enormous help. Her communications are prompt, detailed and precise. It took me a few years to find her and I’m thrilled and full of gratitude to have been able to bring my manuscript to completion with her expertise.

“Everyone who sees my book, from bookstore owners to writers and readers, says how good it looks and feels even before they have read it—and I heartily agree! I would not hesitate to recommend Jill to any writer who is keen to complete their writing projects.”
Judy Norbury, author of Sometimes I Kiss My Feet: Wheelchair Adventures in Pakistan and India

“Since I started working with Jill, I have had peace of mind with regard to the editorial, cover, interior design, ebook formatting and proofreading part of my business. I tried three editors before her, but Jill exceeded my expectations with her detailed and full-hearted approach to all tasks undertaken. Being quick to respond, open-minded, and ready to take on projects that require a fast response is what I need, and I found it all from the first moment of our co-operation with Jill.”
—Vadim Turcanu, author of No One’s Business and TIMS (The Intelligent Migrant Series): Tips for Personal and Professional Success

“I have no words to describe the professionalism, passion, attitude and talent that Jill Ronsley applied in editing and designing my book. Written by a person who didn’t go to school in this country, it needed considerable editing of the grammar, punctuation and structure, and Jill helped me all the way to the end. When I was searching for an editor and ran across her website, I read that she had won an award for best book design. I was skeptical, but she made a believer out of me! My book has great eye appeal—it’s stunning! Thank you so much, Jill, for job well done. I have no hesitation recommending you.”
Joseph A. Beato, author of Breaking the Hold and Raking the Gold

“Thanks to Jill Ronsley for providing the final edit of Breaking Free and The Traveler, which improved the pace significantly, and for her internal book design and back cover. Jill also gave me invaluable advice during the publishing process, and is the sweetest person.”
Denis Hickey, author of Breaking Free and The Traveller

“I want to personally thank Sun Editing & Book Design for their commitment to detail as my manuscript evolved into a book. Their guidance and thoughtful advice has produced for me more than I could possibly have imagined. Thank you, Jill Ronsley, for working so hard on my behalf.”
Brian Nagel, author of Let’s Forefoot da Sonovabitch: True Stories from Southern Saskatchewan

“Jill Ronsley used her expert wisdom to provide valuable advice and recommendations, making the book, bookmarks and business cards she designed for HBLS better than I would have asked for.”
Heather Burles, publisher of Millionenschwere Kirchenmäuse

“Thank you for helping me publish my book during this past year. It was my good fortune to find your website and employ your service. You are not only extremely competent; you are patient and thoughtful as well. So once again, Jill, let me say, ‘Thank You, for giving my book the extra input that it needed.’”
Doug McCourt, author of Notes from the Firehouse