Usually authors want to publish their titles as both softcover books and ebooks. This enables their readers to buy their preferred format.

While below you will find a selection of ebooks, most of the books on this website (nonfiction and fiction in different genres) are available as both printed books and ebooks. 

“Jill Ronsley recently designed the eBook I wrote for my website. I found her through an internet search, and it was so refreshing to have such a great experience with someone entirely unknown to me. Jill is an outstanding communicator: smart, charming, an expert in her field, and truly respectful. The work she did for me was excellent. The book turned out beautifully. She made every aspect of the project easy for me. I would definitely recommend Jill to anyone looking for great typesetting and design, and a truly professional experience.”
— Julia Hook, Brand Your Juju: Ten Steps for Building Brands

“I couldn’t be happier with the formatting Jill did for my book…the ebook looks exactly like the print version! Now it will be easy for those who buy the ebook to have it on their phones or tablets when they go tea shopping. Thanks so much, Jill, for very professional work and for the quick turnaround time.” —Judith A. Leavitt, Talking Tea: Casual Tea Drinker to Tea Connoisseur

“Thank you, Jill. I wish I’d had you make my first book, Macedonia Passage, ebook-ready a decade or so ago. I had some glitches in the original, and you’ve beautifully corrected them and made the ebook so much better looking. And now, you have made my new book, The Empty Grave, look as good as the printed book.”
—Wright Gres, Riverside Press

“I had Jill Ronsley convert my book into an e-book. She did a great job.  Fast, efficient, easy to work with— highly recommended!”
—Steve North, Brand How to Kill in Comedy 

“Jill demonstrates exceptional professionalism and knowledge. She was a pleasure to work with and I look forward to future book projects with Jill.”
— Rob Taylor, author and poet, Scraps: Poetry from the Multiverse

“​Jill Ronsley has done an excellent job on ebook conversion. We have worked together for over 5 years. She is always on time, keeps to her quotes and makes ebooks look so much nicer than they usually do.”
— Deborah Perdue, Daily Gratitude Reflections: 365 Guides to Great-Full Living

“Jill did an amazing job for our ebook formatting, which is full of full-colour photographs. I had been looking for a professional service like this for over a year, and either the price quoted was too high or the service showed a lack of understanding of our needs. I contacted Jill, but was unsure, as I am from Asia and Jill is in Canada. Jill was very understanding and patient, guiding us through the process of the ebook creation, launching, etc. After a discussion, we decided to proceed with Jill’s service. She is friendly, positive, and responsive. In all, we completed our ebook within the time frame she committed to. In summary, Jill’s formatting work came out gorgeous. We highly recommend Jill, who deserves a 5-star rating.” Steven Tong and Hermanto

“Jill is a pleasure to work with. She is pleasant, responsive, and affordable. Her work is excellent. I would highly recommend her to others.”
Michael D. McGee, MD

“I published two novels and Jill was invaluable in helping me bring both to market. Jill provided great expertise, excellent communications on my project. I would highly recommend Jill to anyone looking to independently publish a work.”
— Thad Dupper, author of Attack on Nantucket and The Torchlight Gambit

“Jill has converted a number of my books into ebooks. Due to the complexity of the layout and diagrammatic content, this is no small feat. Yet it has always been achieved with great precision and expertise — and for very reasonable rates. Highly recommended!”
—Michael Bull, author of The Shape of Galatians, Moses and the Revelation and Bible Matrix

“I highly recommend Jill Ronsley and Sun Editing & Book Design’s services. In every way, they have been extraordinary in publishing my ebook, providing  top-notch coaching, and going above and beyond are greatly appreciated. You are an exceptional professional and I am elated for all of the stellar services that you promptly rendered!”
Ronald Cooper, author of How to Win in Life in a Greater Way

“Jill has done a great job on several ebooks for me. 100 More Days of Weight Loss has some challenges because of the layout, but she managed to make it work in spite of that, and it looks great.”
—Linda Spangle, author of 100 MORE Days of Weight Loss and Friends with the Scale

“If you’re at Jill’s page, you’re probably looking for services like her help with creating eBooks. I just finished one of these projects, my 11th title to be converted to mobi and epub formats. Jill didn’t just give me the best-looking ebooks I’ve had yet. Working with her was a pleasure. Not only talented at her work and highly skilled, Jill brings a great work ethic and superb communication. I’m thrilled to have found her, and plan on working with her in the future.”
— Rose Rosetree, author of Empath Empowerment in 30 Days and Bigger than All the Night Sky

“I cannot recommend Sun Editing and Book Design highly enough. Jill took my PDF print copies and converted them to ebook formatting for my “Cocktails with God” Series. She returned the finished files in a timely manner and then worked with me on additional revisions. Her communication was always timely, and it was a pleasure to work with her.”
David Triemert, Cocktails with God Series 

“Jill formatted an ebook for me and was very professional from start to finish. I highly recommend her for the quality of her work, her communication with me as a client, and her integrity.”
─Melanie Votaw, author of 52 Ways to Romance Your Muse & Launch Any Creative Project

“As a first time author, I had to go through a process of learning how to have my manuscript formatted so I could launch an ebook. I was extremely fortunate to have found Jill, who knows every aspect of the ebook business. Her professionalism and generous support while formatting my ebook was amazing. Her knowledge and availability provided a quick turnaround. I was blessed to have her on my team. Thank you, Jill.”
Joyce Lillis, Stop the Torment: Conquer Your Relationship with Food 

“This was my first experience publishing an ebook. Jill was a pleasure to work with, responding to my persistent questions in a timely manner and walking me through the process with patience and ease. My book had many images which laid out a bit differently from the print version. I appreciate how Jill was able to capture the essence of my book even with the necessary variations that arose. I recommend her work to anyone who is new to ebook publishing.”
—Jo Anna Shaw, author of Design and Live the Life You Love