Every project is unique, so we price each one individually. Please tell us about yours, and we will send you a detailed quote. Some of the factors that we consider are listed below.

Editing: We determine the word count and the depth of editing required. Some projects need only minor changes, while others require a heavy edit, fact-checking or rewriting.

Interior book design: We look at the complexity of the manuscript. For example, does it have multiple layers of subheads, bulleted and numbered lists, charts, images, tables or multiple columns? Are there footnotes, a bibliography, and an index?

Cover design: Will you print a softcover or hardcover book? Perhaps you just want a cover for an ebook. Each of these has different requirements, which we can explain to you.

Ebooks: We take into consideration the length and complexity of the ebook.

Coaching: We charge by the hour for coaching and project development. You might need direction for your manuscript, or you might want to avoid the hurdles that face self-publishers. Let us know what you need.

Other Services: We help writers and publishers in many ways that are not listed here. Since we have years of experience in the publishing industry, we just need to know what you require to come up with a solution and a plan of action.

Rush jobs: If you have a sudden deadline, we can work overtime. We factor in a surcharge if meeting your deadline requires us to adjust our schedule.

Contact us with the details of your project and we will reply to you promptly.