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What We Offer

BOOKS IN DIFFERENT LANGUAGES: Do you write in English but want to have your book translated into a foreign language? We can help you find a translator.”

We design books in different languages. When the design of all your books is consistent, your readers and fans easily recognize them. This can help you grow your following.

A book can have text in more than one language. Here are some ideas:

  • Part 1 can be in one language and Part 2 in another.
  • A paragraph in one language can be followed by its translation in another language (for example, The Stairway to Happiness by Vernon Sankey, in English and Chinese).
  • Right-hand pages can be in one language and left-hand pages in another (for example, Heart of Goodness by Carolyne Van Der Meer, a book of poetry in English and French).

We work with writers whose first language is not English. Whether you need editing or writing advice, you can grow and succeed with your publications.

“Jill Ronsley is much more than an editor. I do not live in the USA and English is not my mother tongue. She answered every query, fixed every glitch and scrutinised the book, all with a big soul, caring and a smile, which is so rare.”
Sarah Itzhaki, author of Wizarday and The Two-Tuba Switch

Matching Book Design

If you are publishing in more than one language, your book design can be the same for all of them. Book design includes the front and back covers, page size, layout, images and text design. This will be impressive on online sales pages, such as Amazon, in bookstores and libraries—not to mention your own bookshelf!

We can take care of this.

Reach More Readers through Different Languages

When a book is published in different languages, its market potential increases enormously. Some books are translated into many languages, and others, into one or two.

Several factors will determine the languages that you translate your book into. You may have friends, acquaintances or business partners who speak another language who would be interested in your book.  The main issue to consider is who your readership is in each language. If people would read your book, why not make it available to them?

Below are some books that have been published in more than one language.

“Jill has been a terrific editor and designer for my book, The Stairway to Happiness. This is my first book so the handholding required from Jill was very significant and her overall advice throughout was of the highest order. The editing was meticulous, considered and wise, the overall interior design easy to read and attractive, and the front and back covers striking and very appealing. Jill also handled the printing coordination and the translation into ebook formats. The net result exceeded my already high expectations and I am very grateful for Jill’s professional help and support at every stage of the process.”
—Vernon Sankey, author of The Stairway to Happiness and The Way

English and Chinese

“Jill Ronsley brought the beauty of my book to fruition. Jill understood the essence of the message immediately. Most important, she champions, preserves and eloquently illuminates the precious ‘voice’ of the author. I wanted to claim her revisions and corrections as my own. If there were such a person as a Book Whisperer, it would be Jill.”
Chicoro, author of Grow It! and Hair Products 101

English and French

“Since I started working with Jill, I have had peace of mind with regard to the editorial, cover, interior design, ebook formatting and proofreading part of my business. I tried three editors before her, but Jill exceeded my expectations with her detailed and full-hearted approach to all tasks undertaken. Being quick to respond, open-minded, and ready to take on projects that require a fast response is what I need, and I found it all from the first moment of our co-operation with Jill.”
—Vadim Turcanu, author of No One’s Business and The Intelligent Migrant Series (TIMS): Tips for Personal and Professional Success

English and Romanian

“Jill Ronsley used her expert wisdom to provide valuable advice and recommendations, making the book she designed for HBLS better than I would have asked for. I have already recommended her services to others.”
Heather Burles, publisher


English and German

“I sent my English manuscript, The Curse of the Black Stones, to Ms. Ronsley, who edited it with a gentle knife. Many moons and emails later, I translated it back into my native tongue, Papiamento. It became the biggest bestseller ever in Aruba. Jill designed both books and was instrumental in my overnight success.”
—Yolanda Croes, author of The Curse of the Black Stones

English and Papiamento

“Working with Jill is one of the best decisions I’ve made as a self-published author. She was very professional during the entire process, and addressed any questions or concerns that I had in a prompt manner.  Jill is also very knowledgeable in the children’s book publishing arena, and her candid advice proved to be invaluable. She saved Shelly’s Adventures a ton of money by providing me with beneficial tips along the way. I highly recommend her services and will be working with her on future titles.” — Kentrell Martin, author of The Shelly’s Adventures Series, including Shelly Goes to the Zoo, Kasey’s First Day of Basketball Practice, Shelly Goes to the Bank and other titles in English, Spanish and ASL

English and Spanish Picture Book

Editing for Non-native English Writers

Do you write in English, even though it is not your first language? We often work with writers whose first language is not English.

A book is more than just words. It is communication, and every language has elements that contribute to how a message is conveyed. Your native language can add nuances to your English writing, because your language is part of your expression. We appreciate this.

The World's Main Langauges

More people study English as a foreign language than any other language. Next come French, Chinese, Spanish and German.

In the Americas and Europe, English and Spanish are spoken more than any other language. They are followed by Russian, Portuguese, German, French and Italian.

In Asia, Chinese (including all its dialects) is the most widely spoken language. It is followed by Hindi and Urdu, Arabic, Bengali and Japanese.

Would people from different backgrounds be interested in reading your book? If the answer is yes, this is a primary reason for translating and publishing it in another language.

Readers everywhere are interested in innumerable subjects, and everyone loves a great story.

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