“It was such a pleasure to work with Jill. She provided amazing guidance and worthwhile industry knowledge to one of our clients who needed to finalize his novel. She was responsive, professional, timely and accommodating. We highly recommend Jill and her team at Sun Editing and Book design to anyone looking for help in publishing their book. We certainly plan on working with her again.”
Eileen Koch, Founder & CEO, EKC Public Relations, for J. T. Madicus, author and film producer

“Jill Ronsley’s design services are top drawer. I have complete confidence in her abilities and attention to detail. She formatted my paperback and the design is lovely. And besides that, she is prompt and efficient and always available to answer questions.”
Jeanine Kitchel, author of Wheels Up—A Novel of Drugs, Cartels and Survival

“Having worked with Jill through a number of book design projects, I have found her to do excellent creative interiors in a timely fashion. As well, she is easy to work with and collaborates effectively to produce the most satisfying manuscripts possible. We will definitely be using Jill for future projects.”
Michael Mirolla, Editor-In-Chief, Guernica Editions

“I’ve always admired writers and have been fascinated by books. Even as a child, I marveled at how the arrangements of words in written form could conjure up images that would transport me to faraway places. My problem was, I hated to read. I would go to extraordinary lengths to avoid reading, no matter how tedious or straightforward the book. To my astonishment, I found that I was good at storytelling. And though I’ve published four books (and hope there will be many more in the future), I would never have been able to do it without Jill Ronsley and her excellent writing and editing skills. I discovered her while listening to a writing podcast. After hearing her explain her process of working with fledgling writers like me, I knew she would be perfect. She has guided me, provided me with words of encouragement, and helped transport the reading and writing process into a pleasurable experience for me. Now I feel more confident about putting the words onto paper so that others can also experience the satisfaction of reading a well-written narrative. Kudos to Jill! You’re a godsend.”
J. A. Rollins, author of the JassOdyssey Series

“You did a beautiful job on the book! Your design is really elegant, subtle, and a pleasure to experience. Visually, pitch perfect. I can rarely say that about the books I read.”
—Margaret Hurley, author of The Dog Who Ate the Vegetable Garden and Helped Save the Planet, Guernica Editions

“Jill Ronsley showed a willingness to go the extra mile to satisfy me with my book, Mormon Reflections: The Path to Mountain Meadows. She showed me many covers she thought would fit. She mentioned several changes that improved the book. Maybe the best help I feel I received from her was the sincere willingness and desire to help in every way she could. I felt free to ask questions, and felt her price, for all the help I needed, was very fair. The book’s interior was set up in a very professional, attractive arrangement, with chapter headings, fonts, spacing, copyright page, table of contents and headers. The symbolism of the sunrise on the front cover and sunset on the back cover was clever, I thought, although most readers won’t notice.”
Beth Shumway Moore, author of Mormon Reflections: The Path to Mountain Meadows

“Jill Ronsley, PhD of Editology—yes, I made up a new word—has perfected the writing craft. As a result of her expertise and professional services, I experienced an awesome publishing experience with my latest book, Waving from the Heart. Her absolute editorial attention and writing advice improved my manuscript without altering my unique voice. I had no issues with any of her recommendations, and she remained in contact with me until my project was finished. In essence, she treated my book project, my baby, as if it had been her very own. If you’re lucky to work with her, you’ll know exactly what I mean. Great woman! Outstanding service! ”
Ann Clay, author of Waving from the Heart, Prioritybooks Publications

“Have you ever met someone who worked as hard on your project as you would? That’s Jill Ronsley. Jill is my editor. Since she has been editing my work and the work of Prioritybooks authors, great things are happening. We have quality work. Quality work that sells, and we are so proud. Before I met her, my proudest moment was completing my first novel. It was short-lived. The editors that I hired were ineffective and did not have the skills that I paid for; thus, my reputation as a writer was in jeopardy. I now have a slogan for my company: ‘No books will leave our office without Jill’s signature.’ She is patient, hardworking, competent and kind. She is not only a great editor, but she is professional and committed.”
Rose Jackson-Beavers, CEO, Prioritybooks Publications

“Jill was a pleasure to work with on the novel The Fourth Corner, and her knowledge, expertise, and attention to service made for a flawless working relationship.  When I set out to write and publish, my vision included putting together an experienced and knowledgeable team for editing, interior design, cover design, printing, photography, and site design. I want people to know that I spent a great deal of time searching for and comparing providers and it paid off: Jill is exceptional.”
—Paul Wunders, author of The Fourth Corner

“Jill Ronsley is a wonderful editor, and she was a pleasure to work with. She took my manuscript and brought it to life. Through her expertise, my vision became a reality. It was easy to work with someone who has great knowledge of her craft. She wasn’t afraid to push me to be creative and expressive in my writing, which made My Mother’s Heart a beautiful book. Thanks, Jill, for your dedication and patience throughout the project.”
Treneice Collins, author of My Mother’s Heart 

“By personal experience, the craft of writing serious fiction is part faith, frustration, agony and downright exuberance! Undeniably, I can say that All Ye Zombies would not be the debut novel it is without Jill Ronsley’s talent, patience, and keen editorial eye having graced its pages. Having the privilege of working with Jill was an experience par excellence! The most fitting tribute is that working with Jill has not only produced a wonderfully designed and edited book, but it has made me a better writer.”

Victor Theory, author of All Ye Zombies

“Jill did a fantastic job copy editing my novel, The Spy Who Loathed Me. I was already pretty happy with the book, but she identified a number of elements that needed attention, discovered inconsistencies that had completely eluded me in my dozen or so previous readings, and tightened up the language to make the book a much more enjoyable read. She was timely, professional, and thorough, and her comments and observations about the narrative helped me greatly to give the novel the professional polish that it needed.”
Chris Westphal, author of The Spy Who Loathed Me