A New Look in 2019

We are always changing with the times. Today, with the technological revolution, changes happen at lightning speed. Not long ago people surfed the internet only on their computers. Phones were meant for making phone calls. Tablets didn’t exist.

Now people use smartphones for just about everything, from surfing the web to  taking photos to studying online —and even to writing books. And so, it was time  to redesign suneditwrite.com—to make it smartphone-friendly and accessible anytime, anywhere.

Here, in this blog, I’ll publish posts about writing, editing, book design and publishing. I will announce new books in different genres—exciting works of fiction, interesting nonfiction, useful reference materials or recommended books for children. I will offer writing tips. And I’ll share news and views on books, writing and publishing.

Expression is a gift to writers and readers. Writers, never stop writing!